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The "Resurrection" has been erroneously labeled The "Rapture". 



While Yahusha/JESUS was alive, He prayed to His Father: "I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.  John 17:15 (KJV)

Yahusha/JESUS gave signs of what must happen before His Return:  "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:"  Matt. 24:29 (KJV)



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Yahusha/JESUS is YHVH/GOD/YHWH-Yahusha/Son:
​​​​​​​Yahusha/JESUS is The WORD

Yahusha is I Am That I Am  (Exodus 3:14)

Yahusha is YHWH  come in the flesh, He put aside His Diety to become a human, born of  a Virgin.

Yahusha is the Word, As The Most High, He spoke all things seen and unseen into existence

When YHWH created Light, He was revealed to the angels. 

John 14:26
"the breath of life"

But the Comforter, which is "the breath of life", whom the Father will send shall teach you all things.

God is not His  Name but a term.  The Holy Spirit is not a person but the very Breath of the Father.

There is no Trinity.  The Father, YHVH  and Yahusha are One  (John 10:30)






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The book of Second Peter and Jude Authenticate the book of Enoch and Vice Versa





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The King James 1611 Version


Pray for one another, as we watch for the Lord's  return!

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A Great Forsaking -Prophecy


12/18/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - A Letter Given to Jayse and Timothy, For the Inhabitants of The Earth Who Have Forsaken Their God, and For the Churches of Men, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord through His servants: Hear The Word of The Lord! Behold, I am come as the whirlwind, as a mighty and dark storm, a thick cloud of judgment! I shall uproot and throw down! I shall tear down and break apart all your pillars, by which you have highly esteemed yourselves, O sons of men!...

For The Lord your God has spoken, yet you had no ears to hear; nor has one of you spoken My name in truth. Your leaders have no knowledge, nor do they look up in anticipation of My coming. For the weight of this truth has not overcome them, nor is there one who is truly humbled by it... YET I AM COME! HISTORY HAS AN END!... For the kingdoms of men are finished and shall be brought to ruin! They shall be swept away in My fury! And in My vengeance shall all these kingdoms be brought very low!
Bow to The Lord of Hosts, therefore!... Or have you forgotten, it was I who had done it?! Even from the beginning and to the end, I change not! From everlasting to everlasting, I AM LORD!

In times past, kingdom after kingdom was built up by the hands of men,
Yet all were brought down by the hand of God!...

And still you build yourselves up with vain glories...

Has Babel no end?! How long shall you tempt The Lord your Maker?!

Therefore build, O sons of men! Build and raise yourselves high, make for yourselves a name! Exalt your corrupt knowledge and flaunt all these riches, which you have heaped up against the Day! Go out and parade your *****doms before this great multitude, put all your vanities on open display!... And watch in amazement, how quickly I tear you down, leaving all your tall towers in ruinous heaps!
Behold, I shall cause your name to be spoken among the people as a cursing, and your knowledge to be met with contempt! For your power is gone from you, and all your knowledge flees away before the sound of My trumpet! There is no hiding place, no refuge from My strength! For the power of God is brought forth and displayed in His Holy One! And The Word of God shall come forth from Jerusalem, to tread upon the nations!... Yes, even every nation, tongue and people, who have come out to fight against The King!
Therefore, exalt yourselves, O sons of men! Yes, lift up your voices to the praise of your own glory!... That I may abase you, that I may strike you hard upon your backs, until there is no wind left in you, until your knees buckle and you fall upon your faces!... Broken, face down, in the ashes of your fallen riches.


And in the day of My anger when I execute My judgments against you,
I shall make of you a great spectacle, a perpetual desolation,
An astonishment to all who look upon you!...

And all those whom you oppressed,
Upon whom you stood to uplift yourselves, to make yourselves great,
Shall be your judges in that day!

Sons of men, even all who dwell upon the earth who remain married to this world, hear My words. For all I have decreed shall be brought upon this evil and most wicked generation! Even that which is stored up in My wrath shall be poured out upon this generation, IN FULL MEASURE!... And behold, it can not be turned back.
For Egypt had no escape, neither was there any to deliver them, yet to you a Savior is given, a way of escape is found. Yea, the knowledge of The Holy One is widely known and is published in all the world, and shortly The Gospel shall be preached in every corner; yet you men of this earth, all you inhabitants of the cities, plug your ears and hide your faces, saying, “Let us alone, for we go our own way. For pride conquers wisdom, and we have become gods; see how we have made many in our own image. Let us alone, for we reign in the earth and The God of Israel will not see it. For He sleeps and has come to nothing; His word is only myth”.

Therefore, because you have spoken in this manner with your hearts given over to deception, seeking always to fulfill your every lust, reveling in all uncleanness, breaking My every Commandment to the delight of the people... BECAUSE YOU HAVE MADE YOURSELVES GODS!...
Hear the Word of The One True God, who reigns high above the heavens, The God of Israel: I am come out of My sanctuary, to punish and to destroy the gods of the earth! To lay your cities waste, until satan has no dwelling place!

Sons of men, you have not known Me, yet you shall know Me,
For My countenance is turned against you!
Anger fills My face, and My wrath is brought forth from the storehouses!...


Behold, I shall destroy them all! Says The Lord in His jealousy.

For I shall make a quick end of all the gods of the earth, which dare to stand in My place, for they are no gods. For all you who dwell upon the earth are mere men, you are but flesh, a breath that passes away and returns not again. Your power is useless and corrupt; the imagination of your heart is evil, even from your youth; your ways are contemptible, and your every work is an abomination in My sight. For it is written, “Every one of them has turned aside; they have altogether become corrupt. There is none who does good, no, not one.”
Cower in fear, therefore, for The Almighty draws near! For My words in The Scriptures shall come to life before your very eyes, burning ever brighter, with the heat thereof singeing all your hardened foreheads! Lo, as a great sound, as a clanging cymbal growing ever louder, shall the word of The Lord resound in your ears! For My name shall strike fear into the hearts of My enemies, causing great and mighty men to shudder and the kings of the earth to tremble!... Behold! The kings of the earth and all great men, every rich man, the commanders and all their mighty men, even slaves and free men, shall seek to conceal themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, in the clefts of the rocks, and shall call out to the mountains and to the rocks to fall on them... That they may be hidden from the face of Him who sits upon the throne of His glory, and from The King who shines in the power of His strength who treads the winepress of the wrath of His fury!

Behold, The Lord God of Israel has seen it!...

I have not departed...

And I have looked upon all your doings,
Giving you many days to repent,
Many days to accept My Sacrifice
That you might take refuge in The Messiah...

Yet you will not repent...

Rather, you have sought to replace Me with other gods, even yourselves.

Therefore, thus says The Lord to the gods of the earth: Your time has come! Come out and meet The God of Israel! Yes, The God of The Old Testament is risen up, and shall pour out His anger, destroying all who oppose Him! For you peoples of the earth have not seen Me, nor do you know Me, nor have you considered your doings, nor have you bowed the knee before The King who reigns and has come... Yes, He who gave of His life to save you...

For My Word is one, and My Book one, even as I speak now, ONE... One Word, even as The Father and The Son are One. And so I had sent to you My only Begotten, that you might really know Me. Behold, The Gospel of His grace has been provided you, the testimony of His life is before you, yet you refuse Him... Hard children! Wicked generation!
And now, I have sent to you My prophets to whom I have revealed My plans, for I change not, sending them swiftly to sound the trumpet in all the earth, to prepare the way of The Holy One before Him. Yet you assault them in word and by deed, with hate welling up in your hearts against them. Therefore, they shall be your masters in the Day; yea, I shall cause you to bow at their feet in your desperation.
Fear not, wild flock, for they are not sent to destroy you, but to be your shepherds, according to the number I shall call. Yet woe to you who are not of the flock, woe to you who come against them to do them harm, for you shall be cut down where you stand!... I DO NOT CHANGE!

Therefore, all that is written, even concerning
The gods of old and the people who worshiped them,
Shall come upon this generation!...


And what of you, O sons and daughters of men amongst the churches?...

Thus says The Lord, to all those who dwell in the churches of men: Hear the word of The Most High, The Almighty God, for I have looked upon you also. And I have seen all these abominations wrought within the churches of men... Did you think it was hidden from My eyes?! Shall you lie, steal and cheat?! Shall you rob your God and draw back the hand from His people, and then come and stand before Me in a house which you have called by My name, and say, “We are delivered”?!... YOU ARE NOT DELIVERED! Brokenness and tears shall be your reward! It shall be yours, without mixture, in The Day of The Lord!

Oh what a foul stench has come up before Me!
For your clothes are filthy!
And your faces are covered with the darkness of your heresies!
You stink with the awful fragrance of your fornications!...

Shall you continue to forsake My Commandments, in the name of Grace?!

I tell you, you have not embraced your Savior in truth, neither do you know Him at all! Says The Lord. For you have made Him the author of your sin!... Desecration!... Therefore, you remain in your sins! Your offerings are not accepted, and your supplications are refused! For you have called upon Me by another spirit, you worship another jesus, a false christ of which you yourselves have made!... Beloved, your Savior weeps for you! For He no longer knows you! You have become unrecognizable to Him!... Estranged women whose hearts have turned, seeking after strangers and following after corrupt men in authority.
Wash yourselves! Make yourselves clean! For the hour has come! Behold, the earth shall be moved from its place, and the heavens shall be shaken! Yet there you sit, unmoved, fading into slumber, while your church leaders stand still in the darkness of their own divinations and false teachings, receiving tithes from the people... INSOLENT CHILDREN, HOW LONG SHALL YOU ROB YOUR GOD?!
Therefore, because of your coldness towards Me, in where you have also despised Me on account of this trumpet and this Word, turning to My prophets a deaf ear though I Myself have sent them, I must tear you down, says The Lord. And no longer shall you preach in the name of Christ, for you do blaspheme The Spirit continually, polluting My name without ceasing.

Wayward peoples, lukewarm children,
Lost in a dark world of deception and sin,
You are given up, spit out, for I do not know you!...

See, your house is left to you desolate.

CHURCHES OF MEN, LET MY PEOPLE GO! Can you not see they are starving?! For they remain empty, void of The Spirit; they know not the truth, as it was meant to be spoken and received. For My children yearn to be fed and many seek The Light, yet what do I hear behind all these church walls?!... BLASPHEMIES! And what food is this being served to MY children?!... DOCTRINES OF MEN! And what is this detestable light shown before My people?!... A FALSE LIGHT, THE VAIN GLORY OF MEN!

Therefore, thus says The Lord, He who died and is alive forevermore. Amen: Assuredly, I say to you, leaders and all you preachers amongst the churches of men, you blind guides, hypocrites!... You shall be held accountable in the Day!... Yes, for every lost lamb and for every ill sheep which came to you, seeking and in need, to whom you fed lies, covering them with the filth of your fornications!

Yet you say, “What lies have we spoken? And what fornications did we partake in?”

Thus says The Lord: You have grown fat, sitting upon your thrones of pride. For I did not appoint you, nor have you heard My voice, nor have I spoken to you in a dream, saying, “Serve Me”; nor did I send to you a prophet, saying, “Lead My sheep and take care of My lambs”.
Yet there you are, eating from all these man-made tables covered with foul and rotten food, regurgitating it to MY starving children, of whom you call your own, though I had warned you from the beginning that you should not do this... That you should not partake of any food served in the manner of pagans, nor eat anything served from the tables of demons.


Pride has blinded your eyes, and arrogance has stopped your ears!
And on account of your gluttonous appetites you have indeed grown very fat!...

Yet I tell you, you are starving and remain altogether lacking...


You have left Me no room, no room at all! You are unable to receive of Me!... EMPTY YOURSELVES!... Behold, the door is shut to you, and you stand outside the gate already. For you have not known Me, neither do you seek My face that you might know Me as I truly am, nor have you come to Me that I might heal you.
Modern pharisees, I am not found in the pages of man’s books! Nor will you find Me in the churches of men! Nor shall any worship Me according to the traditions of men, who follow in the footsteps of the pagan and the heathen!... I am The Living God, The Pure Word, who became man and dwelt among you! Immanu El. I have never departed. Even now, My Spirit remains with the faithful... Behold, I have poured it out upon all flesh, yet you have not known Me.

Therefore I call you to repent, to humble yourselves before My throne, to fall down at My feet and wail, to repent of your heresies and cease from all these fornications. For the harlot has deceived you; and the world, it seduces you.

I am calling heaven and earth to rise up against you! Behold, nature shall fight against you, O deceitful peoples of the earth! And from you, O churches of men, have I removed My hand, and I shall cause you to become outcasts in your own land. You shall not escape calamity when it comes, nor shall I deliver your churches from all these troubles, which are here and shall come.

Therefore return to Me, forsake this world, and be then separate from all these churches of men. For by no other means shall you be grafted into Me. For I am One Lord, and My church is one in My body. I dwell in no house built by human hands... I dwell in My own temples, delicately formed by My own hands.

Oh My children, My own children are left starving and void!
My own beloved have forsaken Me!...

Beloved of My heart, do you not long for Me?...

Why do you walk in circles, as though I had given you two left feet,
Failing to take even one step forward that you might regain the line,
That your feet might be placed upon the path, once again?...

Nor have you followed My footprints, that you might walk in them.

Is it not right that I require it of you?... That you should take The Way I have provided? That you should walk in My ways, once you have received of Me? Yet you prefer another way, behold you have joined yourselves to another, being led of these so-called teachers of the Word who cease not from polluting it! For they remain blinded, married to a world of vain deceits... YOU ARE ALL HYPOCRITES! EVERY ONE OF YOU IS A BLIND GUIDE! Fall into the ditch therefore! Dwell in the valley! Until the time be changed, says The Lord... For it is written, there is One Teacher and I AM HE.

And thus I speak it through My servants, once again: Teachers of My word, all you modern pharisees, have you not failed in teaching yourselves?... You who preach that a man should not steal, have you not robbed your God and stolen from My children? And you who say, “Do not commit adultery,” have you not committed adultery with the pagans and the heathen, by your traditions and holidays? You who abhor idols, have you not formed for yourselves many, even recreating ME in your own image? And you who boast of your own righteousness, have you not forgotten My sabbaths and abandoned The Moral Law, even teaching men so?... I tell you the truth, you have dishonored Me, for you profane My Law without ceasing!
Behold, the name of God is blasphemed among the nations because of you, as it is written. For you preach to the multitudes that they should not bear false witness, yet you have testified falsely against all those I have sent to you, even judging within yourselves that you are righteous, lying to yourselves... For you do fight against Me.
You edify My flock in your own names, using the false doctrines of men, then in that self-same hour you boast one to the other, saying, “Look how I have gained so much knowledge in the Word”, all the while forsaking the cause of the widow and the fatherless, and spitting upon the poor, labeling them according to your own false judgement, according to your own false righteousness... Assuredly, I say to you, your righteousness is foul! Like menstruous rags, it is fit only to be cast out and buried beneath the earth!

Or have you forgotten what the Scriptures say?... There is One Righteous, even The Son of Man, Yeshua The Messiah, also called Jesus and Christ! YahuShua HaMashiach is His name! He, alone, is righteous!... HE IS THE LORD, YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS! Says The Lord God.

Therefore I call you to repent in His name, My children, to repent in sincerity and truth, to seek My face, to forsake all which you think you know and truly humble yourselves before your God.

High-minded children, you know NOT My ways! Says The Lord...

Humble yourselves, you who teach in My name!
Run quickly and fall down, all you pastors and preachers,
All you false prophets and self-appointed teachers,
For you have surely forsaken Me!...

Thus I must also forsake you when the trumpet sounds, when the call is made...

Humble yourselves! Cast yourselves down!

Shall I leave you? Oh My beloved, shall I leave you? Again I tell you, I have but to call out, and all those who carry Christ within them, who also keep The Commandments, shall fly away. They shall surely rest in My arms in The Day of The Lord... Beloved, shall I leave you? Tell Me, where do you stand?
Look, your lamps have gone out, for you remain unwilling; behold, you refuse to give heed. Even now, you ignore this last call to repent, though this trumpet is indeed sounding... I tell you the truth, THIS IS THE PURE OIL, given you from My own heart.
And still you turn to Me the back, while you hiss at My messengers in open and in secret. Thus only those who have ears will hear, and only those who truly long to receive shall fill their lamps. Then shall they truly see, and I shall surely look upon them and invite them in. Behold, I shall take them, they shall return home and they shall be hidden, even under the shadow of My healing wings... Abiding always in My bosom, now and forever. I am The Lord.

Churches of men, again I say to you, shall I leave you? Do you really know Me?
How long shall you cover yourselves with the filth of the pagan?
How long shall you abide in the shadow of the heathen?...

You are unclean! Neither do I see of Myself in you!...

Behold, you are left to that which you have chosen,
Refinement and the Day of The Lord,
Great wailing and much gnashing of teeth.

Thus I have spoken to this most deceitful generation, to this very dull and unfeeling people, with great plainness, using few figures of speech. For you are most rebellious and seek not to know the deep things of Christ, nor have you searched out My Truth, nor have you peered into The Book of The Lord with your whole heart, that you might know it. For you are a most wicked and hard-hearted generation, a deceitful people... Not one truly knows Me, none seek Me as I truly am.
Therefore in My wrath I have spoken, in My anger I have rebuked you sharply; behold, in My mercy I have written many Letters to this wayward generation, that some of you might return to Me before the time, for the time has indeed come... And still you will not believe. Even so, amen.