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Luis Vega: "The Spirit of Egypt - Coming Captivity & Bondage"

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Luis Vega (24 July 2012)
"The Spirit of Egypt - Coming Captivity & Bondage"


The Spirit of Egypt
Numeral Association Linked to Geographical Symbology
The Markings of the Place & Time of the Aurora Cinema Satanic Blood Ritual

By Luis B. Vega
PDF: online at:
Please click on this link to view.

‘Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years (430). And it came to pass at the end of the four hundred and thirty years, even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the Lord went out from the land of Egypt’. – Exodus 12:40-41

The purpose of this Timeline/Chart is to highlight several key & unique properties of the time & place of the Century Cinema 16 satanic ritual massacre that took place on July 20, 2012. Upon further investigation, it appears that there are key numerical associations now clearly 1) linked to the Columbine Massacre of April 20, 1999. These 2 occultic rituals are exactly 13 Years & 3 months apart – a highly regarded number in the occult underworld. There also appears to be 2) a definite geographical configuration associated with their latitude, angles of degree, etc. Lastly there also appears to be 3) a correlation to a ‘Star-Map’ cosmology, given the topographical layout of the region from Columbine to the NWO Denver International Airport (DIA). See PDF diagram for illustration purposes only.

This study proposes that these 2 major geographic spots of 1) Columbine & 2) Aurora can also be directly linked to the 3) DIA by way of their geography, cosmology & symbology. In regards to Aurora, in particular, the 16 Century Cinema satanic ritual has a 4:30pm number association in its layout that will be explained. It is clearly designed into its architecture & geographical positioning; it configures a Cross-Star & Crescent symbol.

A study of the ‘Pentagram’ pattern in Columbine along with the Crescent symbol of Aurora is linked to the Anubis & Horse statues at the DIA. The DIA has been well researched to the point that there is definitely a connection to the ‘gods’ or ‘Spirits of Egypt’. They can be clearly seen in public terminal through the Masonic/occultic symbology in its architecture, murals, & symbols used -such as the Blue Bronco, suitcase gargoyles & the statue of Anubis that was there, & if it is still there. This chart & illustration is only attempting to show that these 3 sites are spiritually connected by occultic/satanic numbers & symbols.

The murals in the DIA Terminal are purported to illustrate the ravages of past wars, but what do they really mean? In one particular mural, a solder with a gas-mask has a sword that kills the Dove of Peace with its end-tip. Of note, no such modern wars, in the recent past, have had a major Army that utilized Arab shaped swords. This is not depicting the past but what is to come in our near future….a final World War 3 ushered in by the current rise in Arab-Islamic fascism directed at the USA & Israel. This portrayal is accompanied by a nuclear-type apocalypse that is destroying a ‘green-forested’ nation.

Spirits of Egypt in America
From the massacre of Columbine in 1999, there seems to be a ‘connecting of the dots’ geographically from Columbine to Aurora. Could there now be yet a future atrocity that is somehow to be connection with what occurred in Aurora 2012 to what perhaps, could be happening in & under the DIA in the near future. Do the ‘idols’ of Anubis and/or the Blue Bronco called ‘Blucifer’ or the Devil’s Horse stationed at the DIA have something to do with this? What significance is there with the Columbine Pentagram near the School or the Star & Crescent in Aurora theatre? Spiritually, it is self-evident that the former, present & satanic ritual massacres are but a foretaste of the future national bondage that is to come on this Great Nation based on the symbology presented.

A numerical study of the number ‘430’ as it pertains to the layout of Aurora Cinema shooting will show that the Spirits of Egypt or ‘gods’ if you will, have a strong foothold now on the USA. This 430 number is the amount of Years the Spirit of Egypt held God’s People, the Hebrews in captivity leading up to the Exodus of the Biblical account in Egypt. These Spirits from Egypt are the ones that will introduce ‘bondage’ & captivity to the people under its same domain now -as publically depicted in the DIA murals.

This Nation of the USA is in dire straights spiritually. It is about to be led into captivity if what the study suggests based on the geographical & astrological symbology associated with the massacre sites. The USA, in this stage of its history, parallels to what the Israelites had to go through during the times of the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt when the ‘gods’ or demonic forces openly ruled the known world. The Israelites were in captivity for 430 years because of their ‘spirit of rebellion’. It appears that the statue of Anubis has been the forerunner, the ‘prophet’ signaling a time –soon to come of when the ‘pharaohs’ that once ruled the ‘Golden Age’ are to return. This ‘Pharaoh’ is none other than Osiris, AKA Orion, the Phoenix, the Dark LORD –the AntiChrist that is to be indwelt by lucifer himself. This apparent ‘resurrection’ of these ‘ancient demonic gods’ of Egypt have come to America. Could the Trek of the 13 Skulls in 2011 have had a part in this? (See PDF: The 13th Skulls Across America chart)

Most people would unassumingly accept the statue of Anubis as a good-willed promoter of the King Tut exhibitions that have been scheduled to show around the USA & the world. Most people may not realizing though that perhaps the demons or ‘gods’ that indwell such idols -as taught by the Apostle Paul, have conjured-up a resurrection of evil on the Earth to unprecedented proportions in preparations for the End of Days/Tribulation. It seems that the whole Planet is being prepared for the initiation of the coming of Osiris, AKA ORION, lucifer himself, the DARK LORD of the Underworld himself. Perhaps such a ‘spirit’ has been the one or ones that have also perpetuated the Arab Spring of 2010. This same ‘Spirit of Egypt’ has culminated in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, where? In Egypt.

The Arab Spring – The Spirit of Egypt unleashed into the world = World War 3
The al-Thawrāt al-ʻArabiyyah literally means the ‘Arabic Rebellion’. Thus this ‘Spirit of Egypt’ that has journeyed with throughout the USA by way of Anubis -is one that has also conjured-up & sweep across the Arab nations to a call of rebellion. The movement has gained power but as the Spirit of Pharaoh demands, it will eventually enslave its masses.

This ‘movement’ that began as protests on 18 December 2010 is still working out its end. To date, 4 major Arab-Islamic rulers have been deposed with Syrian’s Assad most likely to be next in the line of fallen dominos. Once the new islamic regimes are in place, it will be used as a staging ground to attempt, yet another unified Arab attack upon Israel. Such has been the chants in Cairo of ‘…millions that will march to martyrdom in an attempt in the near future to re-capture Jerusalem’. Perhaps the prophetic Psalm 83 event will occur very soon.

Such a spirit of ‘captivity & bondage’ will be the case during the Tribulation. Based on the research of what the NWO Airport has publically say about itself, it appears that the USA, spiritual is at such a dark point that the Spirit of Egypt has finally been able to publically sojourn throughout its ‘High Places’ of the USA without much opposition. How sad. Denver, after all is the ‘mile-high city’. The DIA is such a strategic location that it has been now reported that even Federal agencies are relocating to Denver from DC -such as the CIA’s Domestic Division. Did you realize that the CIA has a USA Domestic Division to spy on US Citizens? The New World Order will be about bondage & captivity; total control by way of the Spirit of Egypt. This demonic spirit of lucifer has now fully infiltrated the core of this Nation. Is it no wonder that in the last few years, bizarre crimes -never before reported, are becoming common place now? Cannibalism? Drug use & gang violence at new levels?

This short study & chart is in no way implicating the Masons or those that ‘architected’ the regional geographical patterns from Columbine to the NWO Denver International Airport just because their ‘symbols’ or logos happen to configure at those sites. But these sites definitely have their occultic/luciferian signatures that are there ‘hidden in plain sight’ so far. It is no coincidence that the Masons, Rosicrucians, luciferians, illuminati all ascribe to the ‘ancient’ mystery religions’ that are based on Egyptian & Babylonian satanic knowledge & ritual. The same patterns & symbols, of what has been used in the past by such secret societies that incorporate ‘time & place’ symbolism incorporated into geographical markers, are all one in the same. All these require some for of human sacrifice & blood to anoint their plans.

As Above so Below Star Maps
Based on the geometric configurations of the Columbine to DIA region, it also appears that the geography of the area is serving as a sort of ‘STAR MAP’ that is mirroring the Sirius-Orion-Monoceros triangle in the cosmos. (See Diagram for illustration) It appears that 1) Columbine with its Pentagram is the ‘Star’ Sirius. Then 2) Aurora’s Cinemas 16 is the ‘Crescent Star’ that is associated with Orion, the Dark Lord. Lastly, 3) the NWO Airport with its ‘Swastika’ runway layout is the ‘Black Sun’ that corresponds to a ‘Mystery Planet’ or as the Masons call it the Blazing Star. Yes, some call Sirius the Blazing Star too.

The reality of ‘As Above so Below’ parody of symbolism is operating in this region beyond a doubt. It is a system that mirrors the cosmology of the Heavens unto the Earth at certain geographical latitudes and/or degrees. IF the Columbine Star is Sirius, & the Crescent Star is Orion & if the angles from Aurora, which lead to the Airport are reliable, then it corresponds to the Mystery Planet many in the occult venerate as the origins of their Fallen Angels. Perhaps this Mystery Planet is one of ‘Stations’ of which some of the Angles ‘left their 1st estate’ to come to Earth as explained in Genesis 6. In this geographical association, the 3 sites construe the Masonic elongated ‘Square & Compass’ on the ground that mirrors or becomes a reversed/mirrored trajectory of the Sirius-Orion-Black Sun trajectory in the Heavenlies.

1. Columbine….Sirius Isis = False Prophet
2. Aurora……....Orion Osiris = lucifer
3. DIA…………..Black Sun Mystery Planet = North of Pleiades with Blucifer or Monoceros Horus = as the Unicorn’s Little Horn Anti-Christ

Occultic Signatures
It also appears that the geographic layout of the region to include the Columbine Massacre & now the Aurora Massacre are directly associated to each other & the NWO Airport based on Latitude & Distance degrees. The NWO Airport at Denver is said to be one of the capitals in the Western Hemisphere during the time of the Tribulation. With TV specials, documentaries, eye-witnesses, many attest that indeed, there are underground complexes that go beyond the explanation of just there being extra state-of-the-art baggage claim systems. It is reported that more dirt has been removed than what was taken out during the Panama Canal construction.

Columbine (the Dove/Young Boy)
- Is at: 39º36 Latitude = Pentagram star at school = Sirius
- Is at 13 Nautical Miles to Aurora Century 16 Cinemas
- Satanic Ritual Massacre: April 20, 1999 (666)

Aurora (the Dawn)
- is at: 39º42 Latitude = allah moon Crescent w/Star = Orion/Osiris
- is at 13 Miles to Denver International Airport (DIA) ‘New World Airport’
Satanic Ritual Massacre: July 20, 2012 (13.3 Years from Columbine)

Airport (the DIA)
- is at 39º 50 Lat = ‘Black Sun’ Swastika ‘Mystery Planet’
- dedicated on Spring Equinox: March 20, 1994
- exactly 5 Years to Columbine April 20, 1999 Massacre or 260 Weeks

Aurora Angles
This word in Spanish means the “DAWN” as in the breaking forth into the LIGHT from ‘darkness’ as in a morning. This is another favorite connotations used by the Masons & luciferian/illuminati. It was no coincidence that the blood letting during the massacre at the 16 Cinemas occurred at the Midnight showing hour. The ramifications & carnage was to be seen as the night turned into the Dawn of that morning in Aurora. It so happens that the sunrise hits the 16 Century Cinema building first in the ‘Clock Circle’ at 4:30 position. (See chart for illustration) Although the luciferians & occultists glorify their coming New ‘Golden’ Age as being one that will bring ‘peace, love and tolerance’….there will be no such thing.

The Anti-Christ –Osiris to come will use such venues to persuade the world but like a true Pharaoh of old, in fact, the one in the same with its ‘Spirit from Egypt’ will demand total allegiance & control. There is even a secret society called The Holy Order of the Golden DAWN (AURORA).It is made up of a fusion of Gnostic Christian beliefs & Ancient Egyptian rituals. They mix some half-truths with lies to ensnare their devotees & unassuming masses. This is the luciferian formula from the Garden of Eden that has been used on Humanity ever since. Their ‘Dawn’ is nothing but evil darkness.

When you add the Columbine Angle to the Aurora Angle
62º + 39º = 101 Degrees (11 is often used to denote a portal or gate)

The 39º Angle of Aurora to NWO Airport
= 39º the Latitude in which the DIA Airport is at

The difference between the Latitude of Aurora 39 to the Latitude to Columbine 39
= Sum of 39º x 2
= 78

4:30 & 16 Numbers
It appears that the shopping mall grid/layout of the Aurora Century 16 Cinema is very peculiar to the point that it can configure a clear islamic Star & Crescent pattern. The pattern is that of the Moon Goddess allah. The mall complex was designed with specific angles to have the 16 Century building totally separated from the rest of the mall & at the 4:30pm position. (See chart for illustration)

Century 16 Cinemas
4pm + 5pm + 4:30pm =

[ 4 + 5 = 9 ] + [ 4 + 3 = 7 ]
9 + 7

Again, spiritually speaking, 430 could allude to the number of YEARS Israel was to be in ‘bondage’ in Egypt. Perhaps this time-span is also echoing prophetic the lifespan the USA since the Pilgrims is to have? Consider that the first English Colony in North America, the Roanoke Colony is said to be established in 1585. If you add the length of the Egyptian Captivity, it brings you to the year 2015. Is this the YEAR America goes into full captivity & bondage by the Spirit of Egypt come alive again, now in the USA?

1585 + 430 Years = 2015

It is interesting how this mall layout, based on its angles, configure a sort of ‘CLOCK’ number order. The clear Crescent shape in the North East side of the Mall perimeter has 7 sides but the South Eastern perimeter section only has 5 sides. Thus a summation of these sides renders the following:

Crescent Side + opposite side = a Clock
7 + 5 = 12

Incidentally, the 16th Century (Century 16 Cinema) is the historical period of the greatest islamic conquest & expansion, an ‘Arab Spring’ if you will. It brought about the bloodshed & slaughter of Jews & Christian communities that were established for centuries. The muslims would dip their white hats in the blood of slaughtered Christians as a trophy, the same Red Hat that the Shiners wear with the muslim Crescent Sword & Star.

The Journey from the Underworld
In a guise to promote the King Tut exhibitions in Denver in 2011 & across the world, the Statue of Anubis has gone out before to attract attention of the GOLDEN AGE of which the Pharaohs once ruled. Or is it to announce the RETURN of such a Pharaoh to come; AKA Anti-Christ & his New Age. To the occult, Anubis is associated with the Dog Star Sirius at is revered by the secret societies as being ISIS at makes up the un-holy TRINITY of lucifer in the Last Days. This will be the 1) False Prophet, 2) the AntiChrist & 3) lucifer himself. It is also very interesting that the trajectory of Columbine-Aurora-DIA that is mirrored to Sirius-Orion-Black Sun is almost the in same pattern as the journey Anubis took from LONDON – NEW YORK – DENVER. (See PDF Link for chart illustration)

This Egyptian ‘god’ has the head of a ‘dog’. It is associated with aiding those journeying the afterlife in the UNDERWORLD or perhaps to aid those that will be in the ‘underground’ facilities that are purported to be situated under the airport in preparation for the Tribulation. This Egyptian ‘god’ with its ‘spirit’ has signaled the arrival of the ‘Spirits of Egypt’ – to the world & specifically to the USA. It seems to have ‘anointed’ key geographical locations in the US. This ‘Spirit of Anubis’ or of Egypt is primarily a spirit of bondage to come to the nation as it did with the Israelites of the Old Testament account. The People of GOD became slaves as a nation in Egypt for 430 years.

The Statue at the Denver Airport is a large Blue horse that is supposed to commemorate the Spanish Mustangs or the area & to ’ward off evil spirits’ at the DIA. It stands 32 feet tall, coincidentally a favorite number of the Masons/occultists. It was finished & installed in 2008. It is nick-named “satan’s seed’ & ’Blucifer’. Its creator was actually killed by it -as a piece fell on him & was killed before finishing the work. To the occult, it actually represents Monoceros the Horse/Unicorn that accompanies Orion as Horus. These 3 Constellations make up the ‘Unholy Trinity’ of Lucifer, that of Osiris-Horus-Isis.

The Un-Holy Trinity of lucifer
In the occult, the constellation’s original meanings –which still stand to this day despite numerous transitions through civilizations are contorted & twisted to ascribe their application & meaning to lucifer, the Fallen One. Such knowledge has degenerated to astrology but a true study on the Mazzaroth will ascribe the Redemptive Plan of the LORD through Jesus Christ.

As the Dawn (Aurora) of Lucifer is upon us in this world & as the Age of Pisces (Church Age) is about to close, perhaps no doubt, we will unfortunately will be seeing more of these demonic rituals to come. Just be watching certain planetary alignments, eclipses, in correlation to the occult's demonic days & it will fit; not that we are delving into the occult but that we need as Christians to be vigilant about what the enemy is up to… to Pray-UP for protection & to 'cast down strongholds'. If we Christians only know what power we had against satan. Christ gave us all 1) Power and 2) Authority to bind & loosen on Earth as it is in Heaven. The LORD did admonish us for not being as 'sharp' as those of the world but that we need to be ‘sharp as serpents and gentle as doves’.

The key during the bondage & captivity of Israel in Egypt was that Moses –a prototype of Jesus Christ instructed the Hebrews to apply & proclaim the Blood of the LAMB over their homes. They did this at Passover –the last day of the 430 Year captivity in the midst of the Darkness of the kingdom of Pharaoh. May it be so with our homes & communities as we apply & proclaim Christ’s Redemptive Blood as we wait for the Calling on High.

It us true Christians, Followers of Christ that at least ‘positionally’ have already RISEN with Christ and ARE seated in Heavenly places. We are the ‘Risen’ ones now, never to be cast down due to sin or judgment but to realize that one day, our bodies will ‘rise’ to be caught-up and will on that symbolic 430th last day -the Church of the Risen Christ will be led out from this ‘land of Egypt’ by our Moses, our Joshua. Thereafter, the Righteous LORD will pronounce the Plagues of Revelation on AntiChrist’s Kingdom as He did in Moses’ day.

Until the Rapture's call to Rise!!!
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