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Luis Vega: "Lunar Eclipse Chart - From Liberation of Jerusalem 1966-2020"

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Luis Vega (12 June 2012)
"Lunar Eclipse Chart - From Liberation of Jerusalem 1966-2020"


Total Lunar Eclipse Chart
Comprehensive Lunar Ecliptic Patterns
From the Liberation of Jerusalem 1966-2020

By Luis B. Vega
PDF: online at: http://www.sonoma.edu/users/v/vegalu/eschatology_files/Moons.pdf

The purpose of this study with chart (see link above) is only to illustrate the ‘patterns’ of the Total Lunar Eclipses on a timeline from 1966 to 2020. From a prophetic point of view, it might well pertain to the signs that are to be in the ‘Moon, Sun & Starts’ of the End of Days that Christ spoke about. Perhaps such Lunar Eclipse patterns can be deciphered to attain some clues as to what will characterize the ‘End Times’ before His 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ –at least astronomically.

This timeline will start from the re-capturing of the Old City of Jerusalem & the Temple Mount in 1967. Many believe that this event alone is the one major important & prophetic time-piece of modern history. Many believe that it signals a countdown of sort, as to the ‘End of Days’ & possibly to the ‘Last Generation’ that will witness the Rapture & the physical Return of Christ. What is significant about this event is that the Temple Mount had not been in Jewish control or sovereignty for nearly 2000 years. Perhaps, now that the Temple Mount is once again in Jewish control, a countdown to the re-building of the 3rd Temple has begun. The Temple Mount is the place on which the LORD’s Temples once stood; Solomon’s, Zerubbabel’s, & Herod’s. These Temples where a ‘facsimile’ of the Throne of God in Heaven. The blueprints were given to Moses & King David by the LORD to precisely follow.

Many Biblical scholars believe, as well as others, that somehow there will be a rebuilding of the 3rd Temple soon, even in our lifetime. This notion is clearly indicated in the Prophecy of Daniel. Perhaps it will be fulfilled within the 70 Year count from the ‘Decree to Rebuild the Old City’, as it was in Daniel’s time. Then, the Decree from King Cyrus came after the whole Nation of Israel was exiled for 70 Years. We have just passed the 64th year anniversary since Israel was birthed as a Nation on May 14, 1948. This ‘Decree’ may yet still be fulfilled with the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem & the Temple Mount by the Nation of Israel during the Six-Day War of 1967. But if the prophecy is to be paralleled, there has to be another ‘Decree to Rebuild’ Jerusalem after the 70th Year Anniversary. But perhaps the rebuilding of a Temple may occur well before his time.

Many hold a theological view that the ‘Decree’ Prophecy is a multi-layered with double meaning for a past & future time. What this could mean then is that Israel has to go through some major renewed war. Perhaps the last Lunar Tetrad of 2014-2015 maybe the sign of a devastation to such a degree that Jerusalem is damaged to the point of needing to be ‘re-built’ again. Perhaps this might involve the conflict that will damage Jerusalem & cause a victory for Israel over its enemies to be able to do such that & build their long awaited 3rd Temple. Perhaps this might be the time that will involve the ‘confirming the Covenant’ with the Anti-Christ due to the Psalm 83 W or Isaiah 17 Conflict to come.

It is interesting to note that there might be 2 counts of 50 years. One count is from the speculated Jubilee year of 1966 that would make from Yom Kippur 1966 to Yom Kippur 1967 the Jubilee year itself-if the Jubilee count is accurate. Then there is the 50th Year since the ‘decree to rebuild the Old City Jerusalem’. This came when the Knesset passed the decree on Passover Eve 1969 to rebuild the Old City because it was all but destroyed during the Six-Day War as the joint Jordanian & Iraqi armies retreated. Taking into account the 2nd count of the 50 years from 1969, it so happens that it & the 70th Anniversary of Israel’s independence will occur both on same Jewish year of 5778/5779 or 2018-2019

The timeline
The timeline presented in the chart for illustration will highlight several peculiar associations with the patterns of the Total Lunar Eclipses. For the purposes of this study: 1) Only the Total Lunar Moons will be plotted out onto the timeline. 2) Only the Total & Hybrid Solar Eclipses will be plotted for comparison to the Total Lunar Eclipses. 3) Only the significant comets during this time period will be considered & plotted on the timeline to see if there is any direct association to the Lunar and/or Solar Eclipses. 4) IF the Jubilee count was in deed in 1966, then the 7 Weeks of Years corresponds to the 50th count that occurs on 5776, which will also be placed along the timeline to ascertain if there is any possible correlation to the Lunar Blood Moons.

A brief overview of the significance of the ancient comets will be given. Some observations will be given as to the symmetry & mathematical arrangements of the Total Lunar & Solar Eclipses. These patterns & comets will be shown in subsequence pages of the initial chart. This chart is not intended to predict dates or events but is for illustration purposes only. All dates are taken from the NASA database.

Some Observations
- Clustering of 5,4,3 Solar Eclipses appear to mirror & repeat later on in the timeline
- 3 ‘centers’ occur in timeline, Solar Eclipse of ‘91 & Lunar Eclipse of ’96 & Blood Moon of ‘07
- 3 prominent comets cluster around the center the Solar Eclipses form ‘94-’98
- 4 Comet cluster from ‘06 to ‘11 are symmetrical to the Blood Moons of the same time period
- The 4 comets of ’06 to’11 highlight Triad pairs of Moons leading to the Tetrad of ‘14-’15
- The Jubilee 50 years count from ‘66 to ’16 match a 7 Week of Years
- All 4 Moons of the Tetrads of 67-68 & ’14-’15 occur on Feasts days
- Only the last 2 Moons of the Tetrads o ‘86 & ‘96 occur on Feasts days, 10 years apart
- Comet Holmes Passed ‘Demon Star’ Algol Jan ‘08, same as Hyakutake & HaleBopp (1-2-3)
- Comet McNaught C/2009 R1 Passed Star MIRFAK June 14, 2010 in constellation
Perseus the Hero who rescues Andromeda (hint of a Rapture rehearsal)
- Comet Lovejoy passed through the Galactic Center in Dec 2011 headed for Orion
- The Blood Moon of Passover ‘86 is accented by Halley’s Comet
- The Blood Moon of Passover ‘96 is accented by Comet Hyakutake
- Total Solar Eclipse of ‘94 is center to Total Solar Eclipses from ‘70-’19
- The Tetrad of ‘14-’15 is centered between rare Central Blood Moons of ‘11 & ’18
- A rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse appears to announce the commencement of ‘14-’15 Tetrad
- Sukkot of ‘86 is accented also by 2 successive rare Hybrid Solar Eclipses
- The Total Lunar Eclipses sequences appear to have phi Golden Ratios at certain intervals
- At certain intervals, Total Solar Eclipses are marked off by a 3.5 / 7-year sequences
- The timeline appears to have multi-layered Menorah patterns from micro to macro levels

Out of the hundreds of comets witness over the decades, there are 4 in particular that stand out during the time period that begins from the 1966-1967 Tetrad & culminates with the 2014-2015 Tetrad. These happen to fall within the central time frame of 1986—1996. A period of 10 years. What is of importance is that these comets are ‘ancient’ according to the historical records. They also happen to coincide with suggested key Biblical historical events. The timeline suggests that these comets perhaps happen to appear as harbingers to signal the countdown of sorts to the last Tetrad of 2014-2015. What is to come of this time/event remains to be witnessed.

1986 Halley’s Comet
This comet appeared in the late Fall. The tail was reported to be approximately 20 degrees long. According to Josphefus, the Jewish historian, this comet was seen around AD 66. This timeframe puts it at 3.5 Years prior to AD 70, which would be the ‘Halfway Point’ of the 7 Years that remained before the Temple was destroyed by the Roman Prince, Titus. Jesus Christ first visited the Temple during His public Ministry at around age ~30. Perhaps given this year association, it can somehow be relating to the construction of the future 3rd Temple to come. It so happens that the comet reached Perigee on Apr 11, 1986.

1986 + 30 years = 2016 ( Anti-Christ dedication or desecrates of the 3rd Temple? )

On July 17,1994 the comet started crashing into Jupiter. As it approached the Planet, the comet broke apart into a line of small comets, referred to as 'the string of pearls'. It broke up in exactly 21 pieces; (7+7+7), a sign of complete judgment to come. To many Biblical scholars the planet Jupiter is known to be the ‘King Planet’ or the Planet of the King, it is associated with the Messiah. In the Hebrew the word for Jupiter connotes ‘righteousness’. The spiritual metaphor regarding the ‘pearls’ is that they are very hard –as in a spear & they occur over time requiring much patience. Isn’t this like the ‘judgments’ of the LORD; how He is ‘slow to anger, swift to forgive…and patient?’ But when His wrath commences, it is sure, precise & hard.

Perhaps we were seeing the awesome power of the LORD warning of a coming judgment of the world within the generation that witnesses these ancient comets returning. Just 1 impact could have consumed the whole Earth. It is also a picture of what Messiah did. In Christ Jesus, God in His righteousness judged the Son of God for the sins of Humanity. The puncturing of Jupiter by the comets on its left lower side echoes the wound Jesus received at the Cross when He was punctured with a spear at His lower side. It so happened that the date was the 9th of Av, the infamous date in which the 2 Jewish Temples were destroyed.

1996 Hyakutake C/1996 B2
Yuji Hyakutake discovered the comet. The Solar & Hemispheric Observation SOHO telescope images showed that the comet had three separate tails. It is believed that the comet last appeared around 6000 B.C. Some speculate that this would put it at the age of the Deluge or Noah’s Flood account. It is not anticipated again until the year 18,000 AD. Thus it is a once in a life time event. This comet was very long & bright with a magnitude of about 0. It was seen with unaided eye from early March until early June of that year.

1997 Hale-Bopp
This comet was a co-discovery. Alan Hale of New Mexico along with Mr. Bopp discovered this comet. The comet had a blue gas tail approximately 20 degrees long & a curved yellow dust tail about 25 degrees long. Comet Hale-Bopp was bright at -1 magnitude. Hale-Bopp remained above magnitude 0 for many weeks. It reached Perihelion on 1997 April 1st. This comet came to have two names that year, Hale-Bopp and the Great Comet of 1997. Scientists calculated that the comet last appeared around 2400 B.C. Biblical Scholar put this timeframe around the time of the Exodus of the Jewish Nation from Egypt led by Moses.

Thus it can be seen that perhaps these very prominent comets of old returned to give a message; the same message that was given when they first appeared. IF the assertions are correct that they testify of Noah’s Flood & the Exodus, then perhaps it will come to pass that as Christ Jesus Himself state that the ‘Last Days’ before His literal return would be characterized by a world that reverted back to the conditions found in Noah’s day & of an ‘exodus’ , then perhaps such a cataclysmic judgment & ‘exodus’ are sure as occur. Could the ‘exodus’ then be a picture of the Rapture? It would be a time when God’s people would be liberated –as in the times of Pharaoh to the Six-Day War from the bondages of the modern army of Egypt. This could also be a metaphor for the Church of Christ in that as the ‘Last Days’ culminate into the last week of Daniel’s prophecy, the ‘spiritual’ liberation as in the Rapture could occur just the same. This is to say that the LORD will Rapture His Church out of the ‘Egypt’ of this world to lead them to the Promised Land of Heaven to be with the LORD forever more.

A Lunar Year
- 354.37 days x 2000 cycles
- or a Sabbath days journey
- 354.37 X 2000 = 708740.
- divided by 365.24 = 1940.47
- added from 72 AD + 1940 (72 = 1 Generation) speculative
= 2012 plus 171 days = JUN 19/20, 2012 (Summer Solstice)

Some Speculative Math calculations
Apr 1, 1969
On Passover Eve, the Knesset voted to ‘Restore & rebuild Old Jerusalem’. The count of [49 Jewish Years] from the date the rebuilding started around Rosh HaShana of Sep 12, 1969 takes you to Rosh Hashanah 2018.

Jun 6, 1969
The reconstruction of the Old Jewish Quarter was needed due to the heavy damages sustained during the Six-Day War. If Daniel 9:29 has a double-meaning regarding the count that starts from the ‘Decree’ to rebuilt Jerusalem, then 2018 would be the maximum limit. The Lunar Eclipse timeline end at 2018 also. Here is a very basic & general calculation using a Jewish Year count.

- 7 (Weeks of Year) = 49 year of 360-day years, 30-day months, 12-month years
- 49 (Jewish Years) x 360 days = 17,640 days
1969 x 49 Years = 2018

Staring from 1948 - Speculated
From the Fall Feast of Yom Kippur to Yom Kippur.

The year count starts from 1948 & are in bold. The Jubilee Year is declared on Yom Kippur of that year. The Jubilee last from the point of declaration to the subsequent Yom Kippur of the following year.

1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957

1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967

1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977

1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987

1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Some Date-to-Date times: y=years m=months d=days

Yom Kippur Sep 24, 1966 to Yom Kippur Sep 22, 2015 = 50 YEARS EXACTLY

Blood Moon of Oct 06, 1968 to Blood Moon of Oct 17, 1986 = 18y 11d

Blood Moon of Oct 06, 1968 to Blood Moon of May 04, 1985 = 16y 16m 28d

Blood Moon of Apr 24, 1967 to Blood Moon of Jan 21, 2019 = 18,900 days or 51y 8m 28d

Blood Moon of Apr 24, 1967 to Blood Moon of Jan 31, 2018 = 50y 9m 7d

Blood Moon of Oct 06, 1968 to Blood Moon of Sep 28, 2015 = 11m 22d

Blood Moon of May 04,1985 to Blood Moon of Oct 28, 2004 = 7117 days or 19y 5m 24d

Blood Moon of Oct 17, 1986 to Blood Moon of May 16, 2003 = 16y 6mo

Blood Moon of May16, 2003 to Blood Moon of Apr 15, 2014 = 10y 10m 30d

Blood Moon of Oct 28, 2004 to Blood Moon of Sep 28, 2015 = 10y 11m

The ‘3’ Centers of the timeline

Given the timeline from 1967 to 2019, there appears to be symmetry in several of the clusters of Total Lunar Eclipses. Taking this into account, there seems that these clusters of Total Lunar Eclipses render several mid-points or ‘center’ on the timeline. The 1st ‘center’ of the timeline occurs on the Total Solar Eclipse of ‘91 given the distance between the Total Solar Eclipse of ‘70 to the last Blood Moon of ‘19. The 2nd ‘center’ of the timeline appears to correspond to the Total Solar Eclipse of ‘94 given the distance between the 1st Blood Moon of ‘67 to the last Blood Moon of ‘15. A 3rd ‘center’ is ascertained by the 3 comets that intersected Algol the Demon Star’ in the Perseus Constellation. A (1-2-3) pronouncement, the total Judgment of Satan about to commence.

1996 Comet Hyakutake
1997 Comet Hale-Bopp
2008 Comet Holmes

The ‘Menorah’ Pattern
It appears that a ‘Menorah configuration’ can be overlaid onto the Lunar Eclipse patterns on the timeline. It is from end-to-end of the ‘67-68 & ‘14-’15 Tetrads. IF the Menorah pattern is overlaid onto the timeline, each Menorah Branch corresponds to the end Tetrads, 2 pairs of Triads & the Center Stem Lunar & Solar Eclipses. There are also 3 Total Solar Eclipses to the left of the Center Stem highlighted in a yellow circle & is mirrored to the right of the Center Stem for a total of 7 Solar Eclipses. This mirrors the 7 Lunar Tetrad/Triads count. The Menorah pattern might be coincidental, but it does correlate perfectly to the speculated 7 Weeks of Year or the 49 Jewish Year count from 1967. This year count puts the Jubilee at 2015/2016 or 5776, the ’Year of Light’.

The Golden Ratio ‘Intervals’
It appears that the phi Golden Ratio is related to specific Lunar & Solar Eclipses sequences on the timeline. These ratios will show that they can also be amplified at different frequencies. The phi golden ratio is seen throughout all of God’s creation as a signature & code of intelligent design. This type of celestial symmetry cannot be the product of random chance, evolution or coincidence. The phi ratio applied to this Eclipse timeline demonstrates a very well thought-out & calculated measure of time. The first few phi sequences show the flow & frequency of the Eclipses, the later part of the timeline demonstrates that the phi ratio is reversible or symmetrical as well.

This is just one variation of the phi intervals seen & applied to the timeline of the Total Lunar Eclipses, the frequency can thus be amplified as shown in the illustrated charts associated with this study. For example, the last Blood Moon of a Triad is directly in phi proportion to time of the last Blood Moon of the subsequent Triad that leads to the beginning of the 4th Triad sequence & so forth. No doubt there are even more macro & micro phi ratios still to be analyzed in the LORD’s creation that transcend perhaps even into other dimensions uncharted by humanity.

Total Solar Eclipses sequences
The timeline of the Lunar Moons Eclipses appear to show that the Total Solar Eclipses appear to mark-off ‘interval’s or 3.5 years. If the count would start on the Total Solar Eclipse just before the Tetrad of 1967, from thereon the Total Solar Eclipses produce an exact interval Patterns. A total 7-Year Solar Eclipse interval seems to mark the particular sequences. If this sequence pattern is valid, then a secondary Solar Eclipse count can be ascertained from the initial 7-Year Solar Eclipse to render a 3-4-5 Solar Eclipse pattern leading to the center of the timeline. A similar count is then also ‘mirrored’ from the opposite end of the timeline leading away from the ‘center’ to form a 5-3-4 Solar Eclipse count. See chart for illustration.

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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