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Luis Vega: "The Pentecost Call to Assembly - The Missing Feast in the Tetrad"

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Luis Vega (25 May 2012)
"The Pentecost Call to Assembly - The Missing Feast in the Tetrad"


The Pentecost Call to Assembly
The Rapture Clue of the ‘Missing Feast’ within the Tetrad of 2014-2015

By Luis B. Vega

PDF: online chart at: Please click on this link to see Best view of Chart

This study will consider certain suppositions to see if the Feast of Pentecost is a better candidate than Rosh HaShana for the Rapture to occur on. I will try to itemize the points & assertions for better clarity as some of my studies & charts can get a bit complicated. This simple study primarily proposes that the up-and-coming Tetrad is possibly giving us a ‘hidden clue’ as to which of the 3 Required Feast of the LORD the Rapture could possibly be associated with. Based on my research so far, it is my understanding that a Pentecost Feast is a better candidate for the Rapture than Rosh HaShana when considering the following points:

1. The Feast of Pentecost is 1 of the 3 required Assemblies of the LORD, Rosh HaShana is not.

2. The Feast of Pentecost is omitted or ‘missing’ from the Tetrad Feast pattern of 2014-2015.

3. The type of Grain Harvest associated with the Feast or Pentecost is Barley, not Wheat.

4. The type of ‘trump’ sounded at Pentecost is not the Shofars of Rosh HaShana.

In my continued studies on Pentecost & the Tetrad of 2014-2015, I believe that the Tetrad time period is a key period specifically designated for Israel & that it won’t involve the presence of the Church. The LORD seemed fit to ‘punctuate’ the 4 Total Lunar Eclipses of the Tetrad with the First & the Last of His Feasts, in particular, the first being Passover & the last being Tabernacles -but not Pentecost. At least 1 of the 4 Total Blood Moon of the Tetrad of 2014-2015 could have been on Pentecost but it is not the case. Perhaps this is a key or clue by design.

For a visual illustration (see chart PDF link above)
1. A timeline of the 7 Feasts & the 3 Primary Feasts of the LORD will be mapped out.
2. The Tetrad of 2014-2015 will be shown in light of its associated Feasts.

3. The type of fruit/grain Harvests will also be mapped out that correspond to the Feasts.

The Gathering unto the LORD’ House
The reason I titled this study ‘The Pentecost Call to Assembly’ is that as the Disciples were called to assemble in the Upper Room on Pentecost in Acts 2, I see direct parallels in the Book of Revelation. After the LORD Jesus Christ evaluates the health condition of His Church, as the Great Physician, the Apostle John, as a representative of the Bride is summands to the Throne Room wherein we are shown the 24 Elders that are in ‘assembly’…in the House of the LORD. The imagery is striking. There is no clear association to this scenario as being associated with Pentecost but the LORD does identify His position within the ‘Menorah’ of the Churches of Asia, as being in the ‘midst’ or the middle; that of the 4th Center Servant Stem.

Using deductive logic here, it can be than asserted that the LORD’s position at the time of the calling of the Apostle John as the ‘Church’ representative to assemble and gather at His Throne Room is directly then associated to the 4th Stem of the Menorah, that is to say Pentecost. This typology is consistent with Pentecost being the 2nd of the 3 required Assemblies or Gathering Feasts of the LORD, & thus in the middle. This is why I have come to understand why Pentecost would not be attributed to any of the Tetrad’s 4 Total Lunar Blood Moon Eclipses that mark off the LORD’s First & Last of the required feasts. I am assuming that this is the pattern implied.

When will the Rapture take place?
Will the Rapture take place on Pentecost 2012? I don’t know. But again, this study only is postulating that if the Rapture were to occur on a LORD’s Feast, it could most likely be associated with Pentecost & not Rosh HaShana. The Rapture of the Church will be a special day no doubt as the LORD does ‘punctuate’ His appointments. This is especially true in the pattern & type of fulfilling the 7 Major Feasts of Israel. These Feasts or Moedim echo the Plan of Redemption purposed in Christ Jesus. Each Feast is a stage in the overall will & plan of God.

As many excellent studies have pointed out, the Rapture does not have to fall on any particular Jewish or Feast of the LORD at all. The Rapture does not even have to occur on Pentecost at all, nor in 2012 for that matter. There are other possible high watch-dates that are to be considered still for the Rapture -at least for 2012. There is the:

- The Transit of Venus across the Sun on Jun 5-6, 2012.

- Venus conjoining the Hand of Orion on Aug 8, 2012.
- Rosh HaShana of course on Sept 16, 2012.
- Even when the Age of Pisces comes to a close on Dec 21, 2012.

Why on Pentecost?
This required 2nd Assembly or Gathering of the LORD’s People on Pentecost is the only one of the 7 main ‘High Holy Feasts’ of the LORD that distinctly has a Gentile attribute associated with it. In the Old Testament, Gentiles since the time of Exodus were actually also required to observe the Feasts of the LORD. It had always been in God’s heart to save the whole world, not just the Jewish Nation. It was because of the direct rejection of Christ by the nation of Israel, as a whole, that this facilitated the objective. There are many excellent studies that show how:

1- Ruth, as a picture of the Gentile Bride, married Boaz the Kinsmen Redeemer on Pentecost.

2- Enoch was Raptured on Pentecost.

3- Moses on behalf of Israel ratified the Marriage Covenant with the LORD as the Law was
implemented on Mt. Sinai on Pentecost with trumpet blasts etc.

4- Even King David proposed to have died at Pentecost

Thus Pentecost specifically is thus associated with a Gentile element that was to be included in the ‘harvest’ of the LORD at some point in time in the future. In fact it was for this very reason that the Apostle Paul got stoned during one of his Asian Missionary trips for declaring this truth to the Jews. The Jews became jealous that the LORD would have also included & incorporated the Gentles into His Redemptive & Rewards Plan.

Furthermore, in Acts 2 the prophecy of Joel 2, alluded to by the Apostle Peter, was fulfilled. The giving of the Holy Spirit, that descended on the 120 Believers gathered in the Upper Room, was given, as it will be given to the 144,000 to be anointed to witness in the Tribulation, the Disciples witnessed to Israel during this Pentecost in people’s native languages that were understood without interpretation. No doubt, there were probably those that were also non-Jewish that were also attending the required Pentecost Feast of the LORD. The 3000 that were saved that day was a foreshadowing of the nature of the dispensation to come, namely the Church Age that was to incorporate Jews & non-Jews into the Plan of Salvation.

Thus Pentecost of Acts 2 was a sort of ‘first-fruits’ of the much broader ‘harvest’ to come that incorporated Gentiles & celestial signs in the Sun & the Moon to accompany it –just like we are seeing now before the Tetrad. Perhaps as the Age of Pisces is coming to a close on Dec 21, 2012, such Solar & Lunar Eclipses are leading up to what the Rapture will be consisting of, perhaps in a time that it is to be between a Solar & Lunar Eclipse? As mentioned before, so far this past decade, only 2011 & 2012 match this astronomical composition of Pentecost being in the ‘midst’ of a Solar & Lunar Eclipse before the start of the Tetrad in 2014. We shall see.

The Trumpets
There has been fascinating studies on what the “Trump of God” and the “Last Trumpet” means or signifies. There is some confusion as to the words when they are translated into English. The connotations are not easily distinguishable in type; which could make all the difference & perhaps could result in less confusion & argument. For the purpose of this study, it will be very simplistic in its association to the comparison of the Feasts in question.

1. Shofar: used by the Jewish nation to assemble, call to war, alert etc -Rosh HaShana – Shofar
2. Silver Trumpet: primarily used in association with the Temple worship -Pentecost – Silver Trumpet

There are those Believers that adamantly hold that the Rapture, will occur on the ‘Last Trump’ of the LORD. This is Scripturally correct. In this case, it would seem logical to then the Rapture would be associated with Rosh HaShana. This Feast in the Fall, around September in most cases, is decorated with a 100 Trumpet blast sequence, BUT it’s of a Shofar, not as in a ‘Silver Trumpet.’ More so, Rosh HaShana is associated with the Wheat Harvest & it is not one of the main 3 Required Assemblies of the LORD, although there are extremely well thought-out arguments for the Rapture to take place during this time. Thus I believe that the Rapture is not a good candidate to occur on Rosh HaShana because of this simple reason. I am sure there are more complex & in-dept rationales.

Pentecost was associated with the blowing of the Trumpets as in Silver Trumpets or Divine Trumpets at Mt. Sinai when the Assembly, the Church in the Wilderness as the Apostle Paul called the gathering met on the Mountain. There was a rushing of wind, thunder, flashes, the Sound of Trumpets as the Marriage Covenant was presented & initiated by way of Moses. This echoes the same manifestation at Pentecost of Acts 2. In this case, it was the betrothal of a fusion of the Jewish & Gentile Bride for Christ to be harvested at the Rapture –at some point in time.

The Harvest Types
God’s People were to congregate or assemble in Jerusalem 3 times a year. These 3 assemblies were Passover, Pentecost & Tabernacles. These LORD’s Assemblies, or Moedims were associated with a type of Harvest. Each type overlaps the subsequent one as the end of one type of Grain/Fruit harvest is the beginning of the next type of Harvest.

-Passover = Barley-Beginning of Spring, Harvest gathered at Pentecost
-Pentecost = Barley Harvest gathered, Beginning of Wheat Harvest at beginning of Summer
-Tabernacles = Wheat Harvest gathered, Beginning of Fall Grape Harvest

1. Winnowing of the Barley (PASSOVER)
This type of Grain is thrown in Air to separate it from its chaff. This is a ‘picture’ of Rapture; of Believers in Christ throwing off Old Sin Nature along with the physical body. In the air they are transformed & given a Spiritual body as we meet Jesus. The Barley Harvest is in-gathered by Pentecost. Because Christ was the ‘First-Fruit’ from among the ‘Dead’, in Romans, it declares that we too likewise will follow in this same ‘type’ of Grain. This can not be said of Rosh HaShana. The in-gathering or assembly of the Barley Harvest is taken into the barns around Pentecost.

2. Threshing of the Wheat (PENTECOST)
This type of Grain is beaten loose on a ‘Tribulum’ because it is a lot harder before it is to be winnowed. This is a ‘picture’ of Tribulation Saints, Martyrs & Israel that is to be purified before being Raptured up. At the end of the Barley Harvest on Pentecost, the Wheat Harvest begins. This gives credence to the studies that propose that there are actually more than 1 ‘traditional’ Rapture, but that of the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists that are seen with Palm Branches signing the Song of Moses etc.

3. Pressing of the Grapes (Tabernacles)
This type of fruit, Grapes in this case are crushed to extract its juice. It is a picture of judgment. It will be associated with the judgment of the Nations, the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet at the end of the Tribulation in reference to the Battle of Armageddon where blood will flow like rivers in Israel. This is why we see Christ at His 2nd Coming & his robes dipped in blood because of the battle He will wage at His Return. This is the ‘Vengeance of our God’ that He did not read at the Synagogue reading during His ministry. It was He at the Garden of Gethsemane that was crushed for our inequities, bruised by our sin & took the full brunt of the furry and wrath of God for the judgment of sin on our behalf. Didn’t He say that He was poured out like water on the Cross? ...Such anguish and price to pay for you and me. Gethsemane means ‘pressed out’.


So based on the information presented, the Rapture of the Church would be a better candidate than that of Rosh HaShana in my opinion. Primarily this stipulation is based on the Tetrad Feast pattern of having the Passover as the beginning & Tabernacles as the end, Pentecost as the logical 2nd in the series of the LORD’s required 3 Assemblies is absent. This is based on the assertion that perhaps, as the Tetrad is said to reflect a time period where the LORD will deal specifically with the Nation of Israel, perhaps the Rapture, IF it were to occur on a Feast or Moedim day, could be the at the Feast of Pentecost –at some time, some year.

It so happens that leading up to the Tetrad of 2014, for the past decade, only in 2011 and 2012 will Pentecost is exactly between 2 Eclipses. Of course, the Rapture could occur at any time or on a totally different Feast date that we think not. Regardless, we need to be objective in our watch & be faithful to the LORD’s discernment as He instructs us as the Feast come & go and we are still here.

A Word of Encouragement
Recently, as I have been meditating on the current season of Pentecost & the possibility of the Rapture being associated with it, a verse has been pressed upon my heart over and over. It is

Psalm 24:3-4.
Who may ascend the Mountain of the Lord?
Who may stand in His holy place?
The one who has clean hands and a pure heart,
who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god.

We need to be reminded that as we approach the Rapture –even if it is not on this Pentecost 2012, at least 1 day closer, we are & need to confess our sins faithfully; realizing that in us, naturally dwells no good thing & that we are sinners saved by grace. In this ever decaying society & world, it is becoming more difficult to keep our hands clean & hearts pure.

But may our deeds & actions done by our hands & the thoughts & words that come out of our heart be surrendered in prayer to the LORD that has qualified us to receive such a gift of the Rapture, whenever it shall come so that we may go. The key is to remain in Him. As Christ admonishes us that it is He that is the True Menorah, He is the True Vine, & we are the Branches, apart from Him we have no life in ourselves. May we hold fast on to Him, nourished by His Holy Spirit as we dig into His Word waiting to hear His Call to Assemble at the Rapture.

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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