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Luis Vega: Solar Flares Earth's End of Days Birth Pangs in relation to Geological & Meteorological C

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Luis Vega (5 Apr 2012)
"Solar Flares - Earth's End of Days 'Birth-Pangs'"


Solar Flares
Earth's End of Days Birth Pangs in relation to Geological & Meteorological Changes

Comprehensive Solar Flare Frequency Count from 1965-2012

by Luis B. Vega

See Chart Below

The 4th Angel poured out his bowl on the Sun and the Sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat & they cursed the Name of God who had control over the plagues but they refused to repent… -Revelation 16:9

The purpose of this brief study & chart (see link above) is to evaluate if there is a relationship between the Solar Flares & changes in the Earth’s geological & meteorological patterns –such as in earthquakes, volcanoes & temperature etc. This study will have more of a scientific bent to its discourse. The Sun has been fairly quiet for a long time –relatively speaking. The natural cycles of Earth’s patterns of earthquakes, volcanoes & temperature have also been relatively constant -up until around the year 2000. What happened then?

In 2003, the largest X-Flare ever recorded in history occurred, perhaps setting in motion irreversible consequences for life on Earth from that point on. The latest Solar Maximum (4 or 5 years of increased solar flares) that was supposed to have started in the Summer of 2009, started late in 2010. This ‘lull’ has been deemed to be the ‘quiet’ before the big ‘Solar Storm’ of Cycle 24 which we are currently experiencing. This Cycle 24 is from 2009-2020 & the midpoint or peak will around mid 2014-2015. These projected peak dates are subject to ongoing discussion & revision.

There is no concrete proof that Solar Flares contribute to Global changes, but recent Solar activity does seem to be affecting numerous Earth patterns simultaneously. (see graph illustration) The Earth has been experiencing very irregular weather patterns & increasing world disasters for example. What is indisputable is that there has been a significant changes in Earth’s patterns related to such in the last decade. The changes in these Earth’s patterns of earthquakes, volcanoes & temperature is something to be taken seriously & note of. What does this means for the Earth? For Illustration Purposes only. No predictions are made.

There is some good news & bade news. The ‘good news’ is that given the time-frame when Solar Flares occur, only one side of the Earth would be exposed to a Flare & thus potential danger. Luckily, the X Flare occurred in 2003 happened on the other side of the Sun -away from the Earth. Many speculate that it's nothing to be concerned about because this all happens down in the Sun's Corona (outer surface). The ‘bad news’ is that other experts deduce from the recent disturbing activity of the Sun’s Corona, is that it is not a matter of if but when the next X Flare will hit the Earth. Perhaps it will be within the 24th Cycle as it peaks around 2014-2015. If the current Solar Flare activity trend continues, it would appears the Earth is at a point of a ‘cosmic convulsion’ of sorts –ailed with a sort of ‘birth pangs’ that may affect life negatively on Earth as we know it. Perhaps.

Solar Flares

These Solar Flares can last from a few seconds to at most a couple of hours. Solar Flares happen when stored energy that is in twisted magnetic fields in the Sun is suddenly & violently released. These Flares then cause plasma to explode & shoot up from the Sun's surface. This burst of electromagnetic radiation produces radio waves, x-rays & gamma-rays, etc. Apparently the energy from these solar flares can be enough to produce 100 billion atomic bombs. Luckily for us on Earth, the Earth Magnetic Sphere around our planet protects us from these harmful exposures. Disturbingly, this force field or ‘shield’ has also been acting erratic & has been weakening by a large breach!

Sometimes there will be a Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) associated with Solar Flares. Solar Flares and CME's can happen independently of each other though. They do vary in time from a few per month to several per day. Solar Flares occur near Sunspots & their frequency variation occurs on a much shorter time scale than the 11-year sunspot cycle –although others would disagree. The overall Solar Cycle –which is often confused with Solar Flares has an 11-year periodic trend. Nonetheless, there does seem to be an association that shows that periods of increased Sunspots do cause larger numbers of Solar Flares.

In the past, academic research strongly suggested that Solar Flares did indeed have a significant influence on Earth’s geological & meteorological patterns –such as global temperature for example. This is subject to on-going dispute as other research shows no relationship to it at all or in limited scope; so it depends which expert you talk to. Other researchers disclose that the Global Temperature Anomaly (GTA) -the index of world average temperature is not affected by Solar Flares entirely. Yet others suggest that numerous factors that impacts Earth’s temperature fluctuations & patterns could be man-made. Perhaps. One factor about Solar Flares that is non-disputable, is that they do occur & each subsequent Solar Cycle has been more intense than the one before it.

Solar Cycle 24

We are currently living in the 24th Solar Cycle. These cycles have been recorded since the mid 1700s when recording of Solar Sunspots were first observed due to the Scientific Revolution at the time. Cycle 24 had somewhat of a slow start but has increased in terms of activity. It will still remain to be seen if it will reach maximum by the end of 2012 or in 2014-2015 as estimations are updated. The Solar Maximum of Solar Cycle 24 was supposed to have started in 2009.

Nonetheless, the Solar Cycle 24 is projected to peak in a way that may out-do Cycle 23. This would be bad news for Earth. Thus far, there has been an X5.6 flare produced by the Sun on March 6, 2012. Then on March 8, 2012 NASA reports that the Sun erupted with an M6.3 class flare & later released a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). The Sun currently is on its way to continue producing large Flares followed by Coronal Mass Ejections; this is undeniable. What is potentially scary is that these eruptions are coming from active Region 1429 that has so far produced the 2 most recent X class flares & numerous M-class flares.

Some scientists speculate that the Solar Cycle 24 Maximum will be 30% to 50% stronger that the previous solar cycle. Some have directly attributed the Solar Flare affects to the record breaking hurricane season of 2003 that corresponded with the Super X-Class Flare. However, it has been relatively calm up until 2010 & the Solar Cycle 24 has begun. In April of 2010, one of the biggest prominences in years erupted in the Sun. The massive plasma-filled structure rose up and burst for about a 2 hour period. Some assert that this was a direct cause to the volcanoes going off in Iceland. Perhaps. Are these association credible and/or valid or vaguely related? More investigation is needed.

X Class Flares

Solar flares are classified according to the x-ray brightness in the wavelength range of 1 to 8 Angstroms. As stated before, solar activity operates on an 11 year cycle with the Sun being more active in the 11th year –so they say. In November of 2011, the Sun sent out an X Class 1.9 flare Solar Flare from the Sun's AR1339 region. What does an X Flare mean to us? Well, this is where the potential danger & direct interference comes into play here on Planet Earth. As a result, there was some disruption to radio communications on Earth for about 45 minutes after the Flare. On the same day, a CME did also shoot out from a different part of the Sun that headed out in the direction of Venus. This was one of the brightest CME's so far in the current 11 year solar cycle. Thus Cycle 24 is promising to be quite a fireworks display so far.


Solar Flares are classified as: A, B, C, M or X. They are also rated according to the peak flux (in watts per square meter, W/m2) of 100 to 800 picometer X-rays near Earth, if you want to get technical. Each class has a peak flux 10 times greater than the preceding one. Type X flares are the strongest & have a peak flux of 10−4 W/m2. Within a Class, there is an additional linear scale from 1 to 9. Thus an X2 flare is twice as powerful as an X1 flare & is 4 times more powerful than an M5 flare, etc. The more powerful M & X class flares are, the more it will have an effect on the Earth’s patterns; this is for sure. Although this classification is commonly used to indicate the size of a Solar Flare, it is only one measure.

1. X-Class - major events: can trigger planet-wide radio blackouts and long-lasting radiation storms.

2. M-Class - medium events: can cause brief radio blackouts that affect Earth's polar regions.

3. C-Class - small events: these have hardly any noticeable effects on Earth.
4. B-Class - small events: these have hardly any noticeable effects on Earth.
5. A-Class - Type A flares are the weakest.

The X-Class Flares are the ones that can cause havoc that can easily contribute to a ‘dooms-day’ scenario for Earth. It is suggested that if an X Class flare that occurred in 2003 were to directly come Earth’s way, all of Earth’s power grids would go down. A few examples of such a scenario would be that all the satellites would fry up, would have intense geomagnetic storms that would knock out all communications, electric transformers, the internet, electronic circuitry, computers, cell phone, on and on! It is estimated that it could take anywhere from months to years to have partial power grids up and running again.

Coronal Mass Ejections - CMEs

This is what happens when a Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) occurs. The Magnetic Fields in the Sun can heat up the Sun's gases tens of thousands of degrees. When his energy explodes rapidly out of the Sun's Corona –it penetrates the unstable outer surface of the Sun at very high speeds. When this happens, the Sun ejects up to 10 billion tons of ionized gas into our Solar System at speeds of up to 2 million miles per hour. A CME is different than Solar Flares because the Plasma is actually lifted off from & leaves the surface of the Sun. Plasma is then carried by Solar Winds into our Solar System.

Some CMEs can be as big as the Sun itself –which is scary. A CME can cause intense Magnetic Storms on Earth when gasses from the CMEs interact with the Earth's Magnetic Field. If enough disturbances occur over time, CMEs can distort the shape of our Earth’s Magnetic Field by speeding up the electrically charged particles that are trapped inside. This in term can damage our solar defenses against Solar Flares. Horrifically, this is exactly what appears to have happened. We have a confirmed breach!

Furthermore, this ‘breach’ may also be ‘moving’ the Earth’s Magnetic Poles! This is where we get GPS, satellite, & navigation coordinates from, etc. We have seen this shift in the Magnetic Poles occur in recent years. Something wrong is happening. What most don’t bother to explain to us is that what is happening to the Sun every 11 year cycle is that its magnetic poles of the Sun are swapping, north for south! IF this is happening to our Sun, can it per-chance cause it to happen on Earth -from anyone one of its Solar Flares or CMEs?! Like some have said before, it is not a matter of IF but WHEN?!

Earth Magnetic Field

Incredibly, the Earth produces a defense from the Solar Flares & its CMEs. Our Earth Magnetic Field forms a defense shield called the Magnetosphere. (see graph illustration) The Magnetosphere is like a gigantic bubble of currents that surrounds Earth & protects it from Flares, Solar Winds & other cosmic radiation. Alarmingly, since 2007, NASA scientists have discovered a large breach in the Magnetosphere. When Scientist further studied this breach, it was found to be worse than expected.This could be one reason why there has been an intensification of the Flare’s affect on Earth’s Geological & Meteorological Changes. We are increasingly experiencing such changes around the globe.

In 2008, NASA discovered another breach in the Earth's Magnetic Field 10 times larger than anything previously thought to exist - 4 times wider than Earth itself. The ‘breach’ has had scientists amazed at the strange & unexpected way the breach forms, overturning long-held ideas of space physics. This is not good news. What this means for Earth is that the ‘breach’ is allowing the Solar Wind to flow in through the opening affecting the Magnetosphere to produce unprecedented geomagnetic storms on Earth; and who know that else. Thus to many, this is 1 concrete confirmation that indeed the CMEs are having changing effects in the Earth’s geological & meteorological patterns.

Space physicists can no longer explain why the holes in Earth's Magnetosphere open only in response to the Earth’s Solar Magnetic Field. In this particular stage in time regarding our Magnetic Shield, science can not explain what in the world is happening to our Earth. It does seem that it appears as though it is indeed going through ‘birth pangs’. Thus these associations presented could possibly provide then a direct correlation of why the Solar Flares are having an effect on the up-swing of Earth’s patterns regarding earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes etc.

Is Something Coming our Way?

It is estimated that the Sun contains nearly 99% of the mass in our Solar System. From this calculation alone, then we can easily conclude that it wields the strongest thermal, gravitational & electromagnetic influence on our Earth. But what if not then for some other ‘object’ that potentially is causing this breach in our Earth Magnetic Shield? There is evidence that not just Earth is warming up but the whole Solar System is as well. Other planets are experiencing shifts in their magnetic fields & poles as seen in Uranus & Neptune.

One thing is for sure, due to the detected breaches now recorded in our Earth’s defenses against the Sun’s Flares, CME’s etc., there will no doubt be a concrete factor in the disturbed patterns we are witnessing across the board –breaking all know prior records. What this means for Earth is that possibly then, there will be an increase in changes to the long established & anticipated patterns of Earth’s earthquake, volcanic, & temperature readings. Can it be more than just what our Sun is doing? Could there be something else out there that perhaps is adding to the intensity of the Solar Flares we are experiencing?

Many experts assert that there is no proof that Solar Flares, CMEs, breaches have contributed to changes in Earth’s patterns. Nor is there any ‘object’ coming our way. On the other hand, many experts deduce from the evidence at hand, that Solar Flare activity does seem to have an effect on changes in the Earth’s geological & meteorological patterns. If you see the graph associated with this study, all these Solar Flares/CMEs correlate to the timing of the major disturbances of the Earth pattern that coincide with the major CMEs & Solar Flare acitivity.

Many critics that are against these assertions state that all these drastic fluctuation that we have been witnessing on Earth are just part of the natural cycle of the Planet Earth. Perhaps but if that is the case & the Earth is on schedule for such an upheaval, then brace yourself for world-wide cataclysmic change that will affect the quality & quantity of life. IF the trend of increasing CMEs, Solar Flares & the Breach getting large, then expect to continue having a ‘dooms-day’ scenario will not be fictional but probable in our life time. Many cultures believed & wrote about such transformations when the Earth & Sun got to a pattern like we are witnessing presently.

We do have several accounts of such a possible ‘dooms-day’ prognostication dealing with our Sun’s Solar Flares. In the Book of Revelation, chapter 16:9, you have an apocalyptic account of this scientific probability. You see the effects of X-Class like event occurring -if not larger, affecting the whole Earth. The text describes 1) intense heat & 2) scorching, 3) the burning up of 1/3 or .33 of all the Earth’s vegetation to include trees & grass. What does this say about the future sustainability of agriculture, drinking water, etc. It will be horrific if & when it will happen -it is unthinkable.

The Sacred Texts are as assured of this coming cataclysm, as it is with the same belief as it is with the 2nd Coming of Christ is to occur. If this is the case, then it is no less plausible & anticipated to occur literally. If this current Solar Cycle 24 is the cycle to which the Text is referring to, then Earth will rapidly see an even more intensification of solar activity & its effects on Earth’s patterns in the coming years. The Earth has about 2.5 years to find out. Do you have a bunker, anyone?

Some Sources:

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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