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"The Pleiadian Eclipse - The Descent & Rise of the Anti-Christ"

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For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Luis Vega (13 March 2012)
"The Pleiadian Eclipse - The Descent & Rise of the Anti-Christ"


The Pleiadian Eclipse
The Descent & Rise of the Anti-Christ

Associated with the Phoenix Imagery in the Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012

by Luis B. Vega


The purpose of these illustrations (see links above) is to highlight several key & unique properties of the May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse of 2012. In a prior Venus Transit study, (link) the perspective was from a Judeo-Christian point of view. It was from the Ecliptic Horizon as a ‘Picture of a Rapture’ & Christ the True Venus, coming for His Bride. This study will be from an esoteric context & celestial perspective associated with its symbolism & parallels. It will be of the descent & ascent of Venus as lucifer, the Phoenix -a Picture of the Coming of the Anti-Christ. This reference point will be taken from the Chichen Itza Pyramid region looking Westward above the Earth’s Horizon on 5/17/2012:18h 33m, 20º 40´ 01 N (20.6667), 88º 34´09 W (-88.6).

The May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse has several key & unique properties associated with it. Each of these celestial attributes listed below are directly linked to the Eclipse & affect the another. Several unique celestial attributes will be highlighted during this time period from Mar-Apr-May.

1) The Mar 20 Phoenix shadow imagery down the Chichen Itza Pyramid on the Spring Equinox.
2) The Apr 2-3 Venus-Pleiades conjunction.
3) The May 17 subsequent Venus Retrograde descent into Taurus thereafter.
4) The May 20 Annular Solar Eclipse in conjunction to the Pleiades.
5) The May 20 Alignment of the Earth-Moon-Sun with the Pleiades.
6) The 45º Triangle patterns on Earth with Pyramids, Pleiades, & Phoenix.
7) The correlation with the descent of 2 ‘Birds,’ the Evil Venus-Phoenix ‘Bird’ with the Jewish-Christian Feast of Pentecost’s Holy Spirit ‘Dove’.

To some esoteric communities, this Annular Solar Eclipse, with its unique & rare conjunction to the Pleiades on May 201, 2012, can be attributed to the return of Phoenix. Venus is known to be associated with lucifer & the Phoenix in the ancient world because Venus was one of the brightest moving stars in the known heavens. Even in the modern era, Venus is still associated with lucifer or the coming of the Anti-Christ. The Phoenix is known by many names to many cultures; as Nimrod, Osiris, Queztalquatal, Kukulcan, Viracocha etc. Each culture has had their own names given to Venus but all of them refer & converge on 1 personage; that being of lucifer the ‘Shinning One’. This imagery is pure speculation based on the observation of the stars & planets at this particular time & date. This brief study is not suggesting that at this specific time, the literal Anti-Christ will be revealed. Perhaps but it is only as a type & shadow.

The conjunction of Venus with the Pleiades on Apr 2-3, 2012 lends an association later on of its Phoenix imagery on the Spring Equinox. From the point of view of the Pyramid of Chichen Itza, the visible retrograde of Planet Venus starts to occur around May 17-26, 2012 in the constellation Taurus; thereafter it dips below the Earth’s horizon on the 10th day. During these 9 Days, Venus takes on the characteristic the classical Phoenix Bird ‘falling’ due to its ‘retrograde’ motion & path in the sky appearing to come down. It so happens that 9 Days after the start of the Venus-Phoenix descent, Pentecost occurs. Pentecost provides us with yet another image of a ‘Bird’ or Dove in this case.

This ‘conjunction’ or meeting of these ‘Bird’ types, coinciding on May 26, 2012 is fascinating to say the least. In the 2nd case of Pentecost, it commemorates the time when the Holy Spirit as a ‘Dove’ with Tongues of Fire descended also onto the world & especially on followers of Jesus Christ. Thus, this year’s Pentecost 2012 not only occurs on both the Jewish & Christian calendars, but it could allude to an effect on Earth as it mirrors the imagery in the Heavens. This could be the Event that -as Venus is descending as the ‘Evil’ Phoenix upon the Earth, the ‘Holy’ Dove will be ascending from the Earth to be taken back into Heaven. Perhaps. What is also sticking in terms of imagery, is that at the position in the stars where Venus starts its Retrograde, you happen to have Auriga, the Wounded Shepherd pictured gathering His 2 Flocks of a she-goat & 2 lambs. This is only suggested but these corresponding celestial events may possibly mirror a course of events to take place on Earth as it is in Heaven –that of a descent of the Anti-Christ & a rising of the Body of Jesus Christ Believers. Or nothing will be had of whom or what. This imagery could merely only foreshadow the coming of a Person or a Nation? Or both? A brief overview of the possible implications will be suggested of whom or what based on the ‘signs in the stars’ that the LORD Jesus Christ commanded us to look at to discern the “End of Days.” For Illustration Purposes Only. No Predictions are Made.

The Pleiades כּימה
The Pleiades is a cluster of 7 stars within the constellation of Taurus. Some cultures believe that the whole universe centers around 1 of the stars, Alcyone. Venus will conjoin Alcyone on Apr 2-3, 2012. To the best of my research, this conjunction has not occurred since 853 AD -so it is extremely rare & possibly significant. To the Maya, the Pleiades is associated with the ‘Rattle of a Snake’. The Mayan word for rattle is tzab, the same word used for the Pleiades in their language. On May 20, 2012 the Pleiades do reach a ‘Celestial Zenith’ directly in line with the Chichen Itza Pyramid. This is 60 days after the Spring Equinox of Mar 20, 2012 when the Serpent Shadow of the Phoenix is cast on the Pyramid steps. May 20, 2012 is also the 140th day of the year -141st in leap years. According to the Maya, on this day the Sun- Earth-Moon are "joined" together with the Pleiades. A 45º Celestial Triangle is also configured with the Annular Eclipse conjoined to the Pleiades along the Celestial Equator.

What is an Annular Eclipse? This type of Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun, but the Lunar disc is not big enough to cover the entire sphere of the Sun. The Moon can only form a “black hole” within the Sun disc. On May 20, 2012, the Annular Solar Eclipse will sweeps across east Asia, over the northern Pacific Ocean, & then down into the southwest of the United States. On an aside note, a 2nd Solar Eclipse will occur on Nov 13, 2012 that marks a conjunction between the Sun-Moon-Serpens. These two Solar Eclipses in 2012 physically represent on a smaller scale the gigantic Galactic (Milky Way) Serpent or Orobulos. The May 20 Annular Eclipse is the ‘beginning’ one –having the first association with the ‘Serpent’ Phoenix with Venus. The ‘end’ one, a Total Solar Eclipse will be associated with another ‘serpent’ in Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus happens to be now the new 13th Zodiac sign. To the occult, it is now associated with the coming of the Anti-Christ, perhaps by the events leading up to the Winter Solstice on Dec 21, 2012. See the ‘Age to Come’ study (here) The luciferians see these 2 Solar Eclipses as a pronouncement of the Anti-Christ nonetheless; a sort of esoteric Alpha & Omega for the announcement of the Anti-Christ coming signature to be accompanied by ‘signs & wonders’.

Descending –Ascending Birds
At Chichen Itza every year on Mar 20, when the Spring Equinox, a ‘shadow’ is cast on the Pyramid that produces a ‘Descending Serpent’ or Phoenix down its northern stairs. The year 2012 happens to be a peculiar year in that 60 days after the Serpent/Phoenix’s shadow appeared you have the Annular Solar Eclipse occur on May 20, 2012. On this day you have: 1) the Earth-Moon-Sun in conjunction with the Pleiades. 2) The Zenith of the Pleiades with the Pyramid lining up. This Zenith alignment of the Pleiades to the Pyramid at Chichen Itza only happens every 72 years. It so happens that the ‘Unfinished Pyramid’ of the illuminati on the US Reserve Seal has 72 blocks leading up to the Capstone. Coincidence? Perhaps.

Nonetheless, this imagery of the Phoenix Bird running down the stairs at Chichen Itza Pyramid leads us to Venus. In the ancient & present world cults, Planet Venus is the Phoenix. After the Apr 2-3, 2012 Venus conjunction with the Pleiades, the start of Venus-Phoenix Retrograde begins. From the point of view of the Chichen Itza Pyramid, the ‘Descent’ starts around May 17. Venus will travel through Taurus -as a Serpent or Phoenix Bird descending down the Horns of Taurus. Likewise, the Chichen Itza Pyramid has 9 Steps at a 45º degree slope. Venus will be in this position in the sky at a 45 º angle in relation to the Pyramid at the start of the Retrograde as well. Coincidentally or not, the 9 Day Venus-Phoenix Bird Retrograde descent (excluding end day) down Taurus Horns takes you to Pentecost, May 26, 2012 before Venus goes below the Earth’s Horizon.

With the Feast of Pentecost, you have another Fiery Bird symbolism. Pentecost is when ‘Fire’ from the Holy Spirit which is symbolized as a ‘Dove’ descended on those Followers of Jesus Christ in the Upper Room. (Acts 2) Pentecost was to be counted as 7 weeks of 7 days or 7x7=49 days from the 1st Sunday after Passover -thus the 50th or Penta meaning 5. Thus on this date & time of May 26, 2012 a ‘Bird’ or Dove is commemorated as having also descended & coincides with the Phoenix also descending or ‘arriving’ on Earth. Will this decent of Venus as the Phoenix come with the ‘spirit’ of the Anti-Christ, as a parallel to the Jewish-Christian Pentecost? Or will it be an ‘anointing’ of someone perhaps that will be later on identified as the Anti-Christ once the Rapture takes place? Venus will conversely ‘arise’ for 9 days thereafter above the Earth’s horizon & out of Taurus from July 25 to Aug 3, 2012. It was believed that the cycles of Venus brought a prelude to the Destruction of the Old Age to make way for the New Age to replace it. Perhaps this year will culminate in the real deal & not be just a dress rehearsal. This could be the time when as the Phoenix descends to Earth, the Dove ascends back to Heaven. We shall see as this Venus Transit won’t happen again nor coincide with Pentecost, for that matter, for about a 100 more years.

Journey of the Phoenix
In 2011, the USA witnessed a journey of the 13 Crystal Skulls that started at Chichen Itza. The ’descent’ of the Red Dragon or ’Phoenix’ came from the opposite side –the East coast at a 45º descent that ended in Los Angeles. It was a spiritual journey bent on calling up the ancient spirits that laid dormant ready to be awakened to purge the continent & make it ready for the ‘Return; of the ‘Shinning One’. Interestingly, 6 months later the Annular Solar Eclipse enters the USA from the West coast at a 45º angle from Phoenix, Arizona. The Eclipse’s path will be coming from the opposite end of the USA & ends near Roswell, New Mexico -the place of the ‘Fallen Aliens’ & 13º Latitude from Chichen Itza.

In 2009, a Crop Circle in England depicted a Fiery Phoenix within an Annular Solar Eclipse configuration & associated with a Number-Planet count. There were a number of ‘Nodes’ or circular points throughout the imagery; 3 at the top, 6 in the middle & 2 at the bottom with the configuration of the Phoenix within the Annular Eclipse. These Nodes could give us a possible clue as to the overall meaning & association of the Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 & the Phoenix. This imagery possibly encoded a length of years for the ‘implosion of a Phoenix’ to occur as the Phoenix alludes to–perhaps that of the USA as the Solar Eclipse will ‘end’ in the USA. IF the Number of Nodes is equal the Position of the Planets from our Sun, then 2=Venus, 3=Earth, 6=Saturn. Thus you can come up with a number code of 3-2-6 or 236-Years meaning with some liberty of interpretation. It so happens that in 2012, July 4th, is the number of years the USA has passed since 1776. Or perhaps how long the USA was ‘designed’ to exist -out of the 243-Year Venus Cycle that the illuminati ‘Unfinished Pyramid’ represents on the Reverse USA Seal. On another side note, the crop circle does also have a peculiar design in that an object or celestial body appears to be behind Sun or Eclipse. We shall see.

The 2009 Phoenix crop circle characterized by peculiar Node count was no doubt a foretelling of the May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse & its association with the occult; that it was to end up in the path of Phoenix, Arizona is amazing. Moreover, many speculate that this is indeed a prophetic sign that the ‘Phoenix’ along with the May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse are connected with the ‘birth’ & ‘death’ cycle of the Phoenix & thus perhaps the USA. Again this is pure speculation & a study on the possible correlations based on signs & word meaning. But perhaps this Solar Eclipse is an announcement of the end of the USA as we know it to be today; of the ‘Old Phoenix’ to be imploded to make room for the New One to arise beyond 2012. This is according to the esoteric diabolical plans for the USA from the very beginning. Perhaps it will be with the implosion of the US illuminati dollar that bears its seals, or thanks to the NDAA & other legislation, Marshall Law will be imposed due to some cataclysmic event. The illuminati’s ‘New Atlantis’ or USA was to last 1 cycle of Venus or 1 lifespan of a Phoenix -a Venus Cycle of 243 years before the True Venus, Jesus Christ is to return, the Second Coming around 2019? (1776 + 243 years = 2019/20). We shall see.

The Phoenix to be Reborn
The USA’s Reverse Pyramid Seal bears the ‘signature’ of the 243-Year Phoenix-Venus cycle encoded within the design of the Unfinished Pyramid. This satanic emblem comes from the bearers that control this current USA government & world Age. It comes from the ‘synagogue of satan’ masked religious order seeking the blessings of their Master lucifer –their motto is ‘Bless our Work’ in Latin. The All Seeing Eye is the Eye of lucifer. There so happens to be 72 Blocks in their unfinished pyramid –the number of years it takes the Pleiades to be in a celestial zenith alignment with the Chichen Itza Pyramid. The emblem also has13 Levels. Chichen Itza is 13º Latitude from the ‘Phoenix’ Latitude in the USA of 33º. The hidden code within the lettering spells out MASON. The Base is marked by the year 1776. This specific year is a count-up to an ‘Initiation’ to come in the future that will not be good. The emblem’s title is called New World Order. To the esoteric, the end of this year-count is when lucifer –as Venus is to descend like a Phoenix on Earth or the return of Kukulcan to the Maya will descend to help humanity implement their diabolical & evil New World Order. The Reverse Seal of the USA gives us a possible clue as to when this New World Order is to start. It is 1 Cycle of Venus, 243 years. This is only suggestive. Thus,

2012 = 1776 + (243) = 2019 - 7 years (Daniels’ 2550 days)

2012 = 1776 + 236 As the Phoenix crop circle suggests

This planned diabolical satanic ‘Initiation’ comes way before the USA was established as a Constitutional Republic. For example, the Egyptians knew of the 9-Level pyramid layout & significance associated with the Retrograde & 243-Year cycles of Venus. This correlates to the 9-Days Venus descends as the Phoenix & goes below the Earth Horizon to enter the ‘underworld.’ Perhaps the descent of Venus will be associated with a ‘Man’ that needs be risen within the 9-day journey of the planet Venus, who is the Phoenix to be resurrected. As Christ had a ‘body prepared for him’, perhaps the Anti-Christ will mimic a false resurrection of sort in preparation for the eventual indwelling of lucifer into the Anti-Christ at a future date. Specifically we do know that when this happens, satan will only have 42 months of total reign on earth before his casting off into the Pit for a 1000 years.

Pyramid Portals
To the Maya, they are prophetically anticipating the return of Kukulcan, or ‘Venus’ the Phoenix. To the occult, luciferians, Masons, New Agers it is the ‘Shinning One’ - lucifer that like Jesus Christ promised to return & appear to help humanity usher in the New Age at the End of Days. It is speculated that what will be bring about the ‘Initiation’ of the Anti-Christ will be accompanied by spiritual powers beyond our human comprehension but know to ancient civilizations of the possible mechanics. For example, pyramid locations, due to their positioning, can generate vortexes to produce a sort of ‘portal’ or door that may pierce other dimensions. There have been many studies about this already. In 2009 a famous picture of a Light Beam was captured on top of El Castillo of Chichen Itza. This picture has been in dispute ever since but in theory such an occurrence is possible. Chichen Itza is laid out on a Golden Ration Φ configuration that could generate such forces –given the right conditions & power. The Pyramid complex is about 20º off true North but is its East—West is aligned to the setting of the Sun & Moon. Such a beam of light or force could be used as part of this ‘Initiation’ to undertake some sort of ‘resurrection’. This is perhaps aided with the Eclipse, the Pleiadian alignments & geometry in the celestial realm.

In every ancient cultures, pyramids were used as an instrument of ‘resurrection’ –in this current case, it will be of the occult’s, luciferian long awaited ‘Osiris’ or the long awaited Anti-Christ himself. Perhaps. One imagery is very peculiar; the Egyptian pyramid relief is strikingly similar to El Castillo pyramid at Chichen Itza -a continent away. Odd enough, one translation for Itza is ‘Wizard of the Water’ or Enchanter or the Leviathan. Both pyramid designs have similar ‘Serpents’ transcending the pyramid stairs. If you place a center line down the Egyptian pyramid relief, it dissects the phallus or member area of Osiris that is entombed at the base of the pyramid. It so happens that the non-Planet now of Pluto, representing the Lord of the Underworld enters Capricorn in 2012. Interestingly, the last time Pluto entered Capricorn was in 1762-1777 the time of the American Revolution & when the Columbian Branch of the illuminati in the New World was initiated (1776). Does this sign of Pluto also lend evidence that the ‘Lord of the Underworld’ is about to pierce our human space & time to establish yet another ‘revolution’ & ‘world order’?

45º Degree Angles & the USA
There are several 45º celestial triangles that are associated with the angles from the occurrence of the May 20 Annular Eclipse. The following are: 1) A 45º angle is configured with the Annular Solar Eclipse & the Pleiades along the Celestial Equator. 2) If you superimpose a 45º Right Triangle with the base along the Annular Solar Eclipse center line as it enters the USA, then Phoenix, AZ will be at the apex on the 33º Latitude. Also, Roswell, N.M. happens to be at the same 33º Latitude. From this same geometry, you also get an equilateral triangle to LA from Phoenix, AZ. The combined triangles conjoin at Albuquerque, NM. The May 20, 2012 Annular Eclipse ends just outside Midland TX. 3) The same 45º Triangle Pattern configuration can be superimposed from the Annular Solar Eclipse Apex in the north Pacific with the end-points marking off the start & ending Latitude-Longitude lines of China & Chichen Itza. 4) The Chichen Itza Pyramid is also at a 45º angle that mirrors the Ecliptic Apex geometry.

Some say that the Solar Eclipse traversing the USA & its association with the ‘Phoenix’ imagery is a very bad omen for the Nation. Others speculate that this celestial occurrence will signal a great change on Earth but particularly in the USA as the American Eagle is really a masked Phoenix. To others, this celestial Pleiadian Eclipse is significant enough to suggest -based on the current economic, social, religious, political condition of the USA -that the Eclipse signals the end of the USA’s dominance as we have known it to have been. A ‘Falling’ of the Republic of sorts like a Phoenix if you will. Maybe but in what regards? For one, beginning with its Currency that bears the luciferian Unfinished Pyramid & Phoenix Seal on the US1 Dollar Bill We shall see.

Some Dates

- Mar 20, 2012 Spring Equinox to May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse = 61 days Or 2 months

- Mar 20, 2012 Spring Equinox to Jun 04, 2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse = 76 days

- Mar 20, 2012 Spring Equinox to Jun 05, 2012 Venus Transit= 77 days

- May 17, 2012 Start of Venus Retrograde, 9 days before dipping below Horizon

- May 17, 2012 + 9 days (Pyramid Steps) = May 26 (Pentecost)
- May 20, 2012 Annular Eclipse & Conjunction with Pleiades

- May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse to Jun 4, 2012 Partial Lunar Eclipse = 15 days

- May 20, 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse to Jun 20, 2012 Summer Solstice = 31 days or 1 month

- May 26, 2012 Pentecost –both on the same calendar date for Jews & Christians

- Jun 04, 2012 Blood Moon to Jun 20, 2012 Summer Solstice = 16 days

December 21st, 2012
This Date/Time represents an extremely close conjunction of the Winter Solstice Sun with the crossing point of the Galactic Equator (Equator of the Milky Way) and the Ecliptic (path of the Sun) at exactly 11:11 am GMT. The ancient Maya recognized this region as the Sacred Tree. This alignment of the Earth and the Galactic Center only happens once every 26,000 years. The Galactic Center is at approximately 26°-27° Sagittarius. Here are some significant celestial occurrences for 2012:

- Mar 16th 2012 Lunar occultation of Pluto. First since 1935. To occur every month until 2013

- May 11th 2012 Saturn conjunct Spica in Virgo (2nd time)

- May 20th 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse at 0º degrees Gemini. Central Eclipse 23:53 GMT
23:53 = (2+ 3 + 5 + 3 = 13) or ( 2 x 3 x 5 +3 = 33)

- Jun 4th 2012 Partial lunar eclipse at 15º Sagittarius. Central Eclipse 12:03 GMT

- Jun 6th 2012 Transit of Venus across the disc of the Sun

- Jul 15th 2012 Lunar grazing occultation of Jupiter 02-00 GMT

- Aug 14th 2012 Mars and Saturn conjunct Spica in Virgo

- Aug 22nd 2012 Moon, Mars & Saturn are conjoined at Spica in Virgo

- Oct 05th 2012 Saturn enters Scorpio

- Nov 13th 2012 Total Solar Eclipse at 22º Scorpio 22-12 GMT

- Nov 14th 2012 The Moon occults Mercury

- Nov 28th 2012 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon) 7ºGemini. Central eclipse 15:33 12 GMT
15:33 = (1 + 5 = 6 ) & (3 + 3 = 6) or 66

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: "The Pleiadian Eclipse - The Descent & Rise of the Anti-Christ"

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For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes


by Luis B. Vega



Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


Disclaimer: Rapture Bible Prophecy Forum, ( http://www.rapturebibleprophecyforum.com ) does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed in every article posted on this site. We do however, encourage a healthy and friendly debate on the issues of our day. Whether you agree or disagree, we encourage you to post your feedback by using the reply button.

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