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"The New Age to Come: The Countdown Begins"

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Part 1

Luis Vega (21 Feb 2012)
"The New Age to Come: The Countdown Begins"

The New Age to Come:
A General Overview of Major Celestial Occurrences
& Count-down Leading up to the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012

By Luis B. Vega
PDF: online at:

Click on link to enlarge view

The purpose of this timeline/chart (see link above) is to highlight several key & unique properties. These are related to dates leading up to the infamous Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012. In many communities, these highlighted occurrences are signaling the beginning of the New Age to come. It is supposed to be a new age of ‘Peace, Love & Brotherhood’. Nothing could be farther from the truth. These events nonetheless are associated with certain anticipated prophetic times. Given the amount of celestial signs in the Cosmos: Solar & Lunar Eclipses & Planet conjunctions etc., 2012 is a very unique year. Almost every month from the Spring Solstice will have some celestial occurrence that is highly significant & part of the ‘count-down’ to the culminating ‘End of the Age’. In part, some prominent celestial occurrences will be:

1) the Pleiades Alignment of the Spring Equinox of March 20th

2) the Transit of Venus & its loop-path through Taurus & Orion and conjunction with the Sun on June 6th
3) the rare Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20th (320) & its accompanied Partial Blood Moon of June 4th

4) the celestial Zodiac configuration of Ophiuchus with Mercury & Venus on the Winter Solstice at the Galactic Center

5) the possible Solar Flare intensification due to the passage of our Solar System through the Galactic Core.

A brief overview explaining the general principles, theories, & objects constituting the events leading up to the Winter Solstice will be presented. When appropriate, there will be some insight suggested as to its possible significance from an eschatological point of view. The analysis of these & other celestial events presented are simplistic in their explanation. The dates & occurrences are scientific fact, not based on fiction but on astronomical & mathematical calculations. The possible eschatological significance is theory & speculation. For Illustration Purposes Only. No Predictions Are Made.

At the outset, there is a ‘dualism’ in the interpretation of these ‘signs’. In the esoteric perspectives, the same exact symbol is ascribed an opposite meaning & significance as apposed to the Judeo-Christian one. What we are dealing with such comparison & interpretations is the ’principle’ of - hidden in plane sight type of assessments. In the Judeo-Christian context, the reference point is always Biblically Christ-centered; in the occult it is luciferian-centered. At the core of the theme of all these ‘dragons, snakes, crosses’ in the ‘Heaven,’ is the age-old struggle between the Christ & Anti-Christ; of ‘good vs. evil’. This ‘conflict’ has been on-going even before humanity come on scene according to the Book of Genesis, Enoch etc. It is a matter of which is really the ‘truth’ & what ultimately is the conclusion of humanity. To the esoteric, ‘christ’ is an idea, concept, office etc. Both offer a formula for awareness, enlightenment, transformation & immortality, i.e., ‘salvation’. Yet herein lies the crux of the matter -a dualism. We get to choose. Or do we? Do we have free will? Choose wisely because whom you will side with will affect your Eternity or Consciousness. Some examples of the same object having different interpretations are the Planets or celestial bodies. Note the following:

Object -Symbol Judeo-Christian Interpretation Esoteric/Luciferian/New Age Interpretation
Jupiter Planet of the Messiah the “King Planet” = Jesus Christ The Dark Lord’s Planet = Satan

Venus Bright & Morning Star, the Bride/Church = Jesus Christ Isis, Diana (Queen of Heaven) = Satan

Mercury The Angel of the LORD (Messenger) = Jesus Christ Messenger of the ‘gods’ = Satan

Orion The Hero, The Redeemer = Jesus Christ The Great Rebel, Nimrod = Satan

Taurus The Protector of the Maidens/Church = Jesus Christ The Destroyer, Oppressor = Satan

The following are some definitions of elements constituting the main events leading up to the Winter Solstice & supposedly the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius. The date itself is subject to dispute IF it is to happen. It may yet be another ‘non-event’ like Y2K. But what is different with this date is that you have the convergence of science with prophecy. You have multiple independent sources from non-religious sources confirming a scientific prognostication of celestial proportions that IS in store to come on Dec 21, 2012. Nonetheless this date & the cosmic occurrences seem to be unique to not consider. To further complex the interpretations, the constellations are not the same as the signs of the Zodiac. You have to take into consideration that there is a 1) Sideral, 2) Circadian & 3) Tropical Zodiac. Each has its varying degrees of computation of what the sign it is referring to in reference to Earth’s positon & time.

The New Age

The current Age of Pisces is the age of the ‘Fish’. Many ascribe this Age to the influence of Christianity. Most will agree that we are in the closing stages. This transition from one ‘Age’ to the next may take anywhere from 10 to 100 years. Regardless, Dec 21, 2012 will mark the critical midpoint in the process. This is highly disputable to many. The question is when it is actually going to happen. Each age varies in time but the average ranges from around 2000 years. The age of Pieces has been the shortest so far having begun in around 26AD to end in 2012 -in some estimation. The Age of Aquarius will be the 5th cycle to come.

The ‘New Age’ is a time used to denote a ‘time’ or epoch when humanity will move into the ‘Light’ of love, peace & brotherhood. It is a time when humanity will be aided in this transformation of humanity by the return of the ‘Ascended Masters’ or Guardians/Titans. To the esoteric, it is a restoration of the former ‘Golden Age’ when ‘Light Beings’ once ruled the Earth. These ‘Lords’ as they are also referred to are prophesied to return to Earth. When? By Dec 21, 2012.

To the Judeo-Christian mindset, this coming ‘brotherhood, peace & love’ can & will only happen when Jesus Christ likewise returns to set up a Millennial Kingdom of True Light. The parallels are striking in its mythology. For example, the coming Age of Aquarius is to be ruled by Uranus or Anu, father of Enki of the oldest non Judeo-Christian creation accounts.

What is often omitted or not highlighted is that for this coming Age to be successful, a drastic reversal of the current social order is required. This means that this count-down or ‘transformation’ involves a planned destabilization & destruction of the current established ‘old order’ to make way for the ‘new order’. In the past, these changes in ‘Ages’ have corresponded to the fall & rise of civilizations in recorded history. Will this one be no deferent? The methods? If it will be like anything in the past, it will be accomplished through the implosion of the world’s economies, religions, & social orders -through war, death & chaos. We cannot deny that we live in such times & with an intensification on a global scale never before witnessed by humanity.

2012 Math
What will be unique about this coming Winter Solstice is that there is a lot of cosmology happening all at the same time. There will be an approximate alignment at the Winter Solstice. This happens every year but in this time around, our Solar System will be closest to the Galactic Center and Galactic Equator. This time will also denote the end of a Solar-Planetary Cycle & the beginning of the Sun’s Solar Maximum of flare-ups.

What can help us comprehend this cosmic events is to study the technically & mechanics of this particular Winter Solstice. Why & when do they occur? Since the Earth is not a perfect sphere, it has a slow rotation of the axis in relation to the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. As the Earth wobbles on its axis, it produces a tilt. This tilt is at an angle of 23.5 degrees to the plane of the ecliptic. This phenomenon appears to produce a grand Cosmic Cycle or circle around the Zodiac symbols. One rotation is completed every ~25,920 years; in some estimations – others vary (25,626.83). Because the movement slips backwards through the Zodiac, it is called Precession as opposed to the forward movement called Progression. Thus we get ‘Precession’ (a going back) against the stars due to the gravitational effects of our Sun & Moon on the Earth’s equatorial bulge. This affect also results in having different North Pole axis. Polaris is our current ‘fixed’ North star & axis.

This Cosmic Cycle is divided into 5 periods of ’time’ equaling about 5125.36 years called a Zodiacal Year. Thus every ~2,160 years or 1/12 of ~25,920 the Precession of the Equinoxes appears to rotate the Spring Equinox from one House/Age or constellation Zodiac Sign to the next order. The dates in the real Zodiac advance by 1 day every 72 years. This results in the Zodiac Signs becoming associated with completely different periods than what we might understand them to be now-depending on what type of Zodiac you are referring to.

Oddly, on Jan 13, 2012 it officially became the 13th sign of the Zodiac. It has always been there in cosmology but as the 2nd half of Scorpio. Out of the 25 days from Nov 21 to Dec 16 only 9 days are spent in Scorpio,16 days are spent in Ophiuchus. His symbol is a snake curled up a tree/branch/pole – a serpent coiled around a phallic rod or a Man grasping a Serpent (dragon) reaching for a crown opposite Orion . At the center of this coming Winter Solstice, this symbol of the ‘Serpent Bearer will literally be at the center of the Galactic Core. This ‘New’ Zodiac of is the only sign that is linked to a real human in history - Imhotep. Again, the esoteric, it is the Dragon supporting & uplifting his ‘Christ’. To the Christians, it is the true Christ subjecting Satan. Christ is preventing the Dragon from rising toward the Crown (Corona Borealis) in an attempt to usurp the Throne of Heaven.

In mythology, his name was Imhotep aka Enki (Satan). Ophiuchus was the ‘son’ of Apollo (Prometheus) who was ‘judged’ by lighting & expelled from heaven for attempting to bestow immortality to humanity. Ophiuchus received the Elixir of Life (a Key, the Ankh) from the Serpent & restored Orion back to life. Thus Ophiuchus has the Caduceus symbol or as many refer to it as the ‘Wand of Mercury’. He is also the ‘god’ of money ($), medicine and magic. This by the way is the symbol the U.N. World Health Organization. This goes to show you who is in real control or the world’s medicine.


To the occult the Galactic Core is also known to be the ‘Womb’ or the place where the dead can be resurrected & transformed –thus Ophiuchus & Scorpio come into play for a magical formula needed to resurrect something or someone. ‘Stargates’ are said to be portals from which ‘spiritual entities/guides’ use to traverse onto our physical world & dimension. Each Portal requires a sort of ‘Key’ to be opened. They are thought to be inter-dimensional that require certain energies & timing to be activated. Science calls them ‘worm-holes in time & space.’

On Earth, many pyramids act as these Keys. These keys are brought about by priestly magic, ritual & blood of human sacrifices performed at these pyramids. Many pyramids in the world are thus situated at certain lay-lines/grids. Many are aligned to stars, constellations or certain geometric angles like at the 19.5 degree Earth latitude. According to the occult, there are 3 ‘Star-Gates’ that need to be opened. The last Stargate will usher in not only the ‘Age of Aquarius’ but the return their ‘Dark Lord’ –Horus, Orion, Apollo etc., AKA lucifer dwelling amongst men. This last Stargate to be activated happens when our Solar System reaches the Galactic Center. This special place or area is known as the ‘Gate of God or Heaven.’ What is needed is the ‘Key’ of Initiation –the celestial T-Cross or Ankh. Will we have a cosmic T-Cross ‘Key’ configuration in 2012? Yes, with the planetary configurations on Dec 21, 2012 that accompanies the near alignments to the Galactic Center. This Alignment constitutes the:

1) Celestial Cross (by the galactic equator & ecliptic) & the

2) Terrestrial Mundane Cross (formed by the equinoxes).

Thus a sort of count-down has begun. The First Star-gate was said to be opened in Aug of 1999, the 2nd in Nov of 2011, the last in Dec of 2012. All the prior ones corresponded to a Total Solar Eclipse. The 3rd Gate is waiting for its ‘Key’ to open it or ‘initiate’ it as the esoterics describe it. The Last Stargate is projected to occur precisely on the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 at (11:11am) if not at one of the Total Solar Eclipses of either May 20 or Nov 13 as a prelude?! It is at this time that the anticipated Cosmic Energy rays that will be emitted from the Galactic Core. This will also be coupled with the planetary configurations of the Cosmic T-Cross (Ankh) or ‘Key’ needed to complete the formula of ‘resurrection’ & perhaps accompanied satanic/occultic world-wide sacrificial frenzy on Earth to help ‘open’ this diabolical portal. This is the time also where science does confirm that our Solar System will pass a photon belt that might exacerbate the Solar Maximum. The effects on Earth could be freighting to contemplate. According to legend & prophecy, his last Stargate & Key is to complete the ‘galactic initiation’ of the ‘Dark Lord.’ He along with his entourage are to come through a Stargate/ or portal; much like what Madonna portrayed during the Super Bowl halftime show. If you reverse the pictures upside down you can see that her grand entrance is a depiction of the Fallen Angles, Titans waiting in the ‘Heavenlies’ to funnel down through a ‘Stargate’ to Earth through the twin Obelisk pillar Gate much like a birthing canal of a womb perhaps? This Gate had a symbol: an (X) monogram of the Black Sun combined with the (M) the 13th letter of our alphabet. She also posed as a ‘Scarab’ on the throne. The upside down lions produces skull faces, etc. Hidden in plain sight this ‘black-mass’ was one of the largest satanic rituals ever performed to over 100 million worldwide. She had 3 outfits: a Golden winged-gown as the Queen of Heaven (Isis/Ishtar), a Grey Scarab outfit –resurrection agent (Scorpio), & a Black High-Priestess garb. Through ‘art & magic’ she as the piping piper led ‘the chorus of Christians’ & the ‘world’ to kneel & bow down before ‘Pan,’ the ‘Dark Lord’. This mocks the 3 offices of Jesus Christ as Prophet, Priest & King.

Back to the cosmic occurrences leading up to the Dec 21 date. All these cosmic events are but ingredients to a culmination/climax of diabolical proportions. To the esoteric, it is not a coming to an ‘End of the World’ but a ‘transition’. Reading the current headlines, all these prerequisites may not be without major cataclysmic events. What seemingly looks like a promised transition into ‘love, peace & brotherhood’ will only birth war, pain & death. This 3rd & final ‘Stargate’ is to usher in the Dark Lord, a ‘Super-Man’ infused by lucifer’s power that will unite the world in the New Age. It may be all the more plausible after the pending global collapse or ‘Event’, be it economic, political, social, religious, extra-terrestrial or a combination of them all. This ‘Anti-Christ’ or ‘christ’ is projected to come on the scene to finish lucifer’s ‘Great Work’ –that of enthroning lucifer in the Temple of God in Jerusalem to be worshipped by all humanity forcefully at the penalty of death. This amounts to the capstone of the All-Seeing Eye coming down to complete the unfinished truncated pyramid of old- the Tower of Babel if you will.

The Celestial Key
Ophiuchus is the central key figure in this magical formula needed for the Dec 21, 2012 resurrection initiation to occur as prophesized. It has to do with his mythology. He is the ‘Great Physician’ one that has the ‘Elixir of Life’. This Elixir is none other than his Caduceus. This Caduceus is the ‘Key’ or ‘Ankh’ that has the power of resurrection. The Tau Cross or TAV resembles the modern letter (T). It was the symbol of Mithras & Tammuz. This ’Key’ is a major component needed to start the ‘resurrection’ process. It so happens that on Dec 21, 2012, a ‘T’ celestial configuration occurs in our Solar System with our Sun as the oval to complete the celestial ‘Ankh’. This configuration occurs when our Sun completes this needed planetary configuration of Uranus-Mars-Earth. In mythology, Apollo was sentenced to torment in the Abyss chained up until Hercules released him from his torment but not until the Key to the Abyss was configured by Ophiuchus. In reciprocity, Apollo raised Ophiuchus up to life, thus the Phoenix symbolism & association with Scorpio. This is to come about when Venus and Mercury are to be found in Ophiuchus at the time of the Galactic Alignments. This will happen at the Dec 21, 2012 date. To have this phenomena occur in ~26,000 years simultaneously is highly significant.

This ‘initiation’ does have explicit sexual overtones. The phallic Caduceus will somehow come into play as the union of our Solar System passes the Galactic Core or ‘womb’ as many would ascribe it to actually be. At that point in time, the ‘magic formula’ will be complete. It will be a coupling of Pluto, Venus & Mercury, the Ankh, & the cosmic rays of the Galactic Core as a witches potion mixed in a hot caldron. From this ‘cosmic copulation’, it is prophesied that the ‘christ’ will descend. The ‘Man-Child’ is to rule the next World Order. This ‘Key’ or cross is the ‘Ankh’ is a phallic –the symbol needed to initiate a ‘resurrection.’ This is the esoteric Obelisk (Washington Monument) or shaft of Ba‘al that is associated with the Scarab; a 555 number associated with resurrection. Once the ‘key’ is configured, Ophiuchus’ powers will be released & somehow resurrect Orion/Apollo. Whom this ‘Orion/Apollo’ will be remains to be seen. Other speculations speak of a Cosmic Tree initiated and/or configured from all the planetary positions in relation to the Galactic alignment to the Galactic Center.

Part 1

Re: "The New Age to Come: The Countdown Begins"

Part 2
For Fair Use and Discussion Purposes

The Tree of life
As is has already been noted, what is significant on Dec 21, 2012, is that at sunrise for the 1st time in the nearly ~26,000 years, the sun will rise to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way with the Plain of the Ecliptic. The Equinoxes & Solstices form a ‘cross’ (Tree) in the heavens that rotates every 26,000 years. This is where we get our current Great Cross alignment. These intertwined Cosmic Crosses are to many the embodiment of the Sacred Tree or as many other refer to the ‘Tree of Life’ that lends Immortality & wisdom. To many indigenous cultures, when this Cosmic Tree is configures –which is due to occur on Dec 21, 2012 there will be a ‘great rope’ (ray of light/bean) releases. Others ascribe that the photons and x-ray particles emitted to such a degree that when it hits us, it will change our DNA of those that are ‘ready’ to be transformed (Raptured?) & will be removed to a higher level of existence.

This occurrence will bring the ‘Grand Master’ or ‘serpent gods of old’ down its path to Earth to rule once again. What is interesting is that from this ‘tree, comes the serpent.’ It is interesting how this parallels the account of the Biblical Garden of Eden. It was lucifer coiled up the tree imparting knowledge & wisdom to the first humans. It was he who lied & deceived & caused the Fall of mankind into a false awakening. Thus In the esoteric, it is this ‘Sacred Tree’ that awakens us or we awaken in the tree.

Planet Pluto
Pluto (God of the underworld) is associated with being the Planet of radical transformation & the death/rebirth process. Pluto began to traverse the Galactic Core in 1990 & began its conjunction with the Ophiuchus in 2001, Sept 11. Pluto will complete its journey through Ophiuchus in 2012 & end its conjunction with our Galactic Center around 2014. In the occult, like Orion, Pluto is known as the Dark Lord (Darth Vader) that taught humanity civilization & brought the light/fire of knowledge.

Who is this ‘dark lord’? To some cultures, to some it is Quetzalcoatl who reigned over this Golden Age and is set to return in 2012. Christians await for Jesus’ 2nd Coming in the same manner the ‘mystery’ luciferian religions await the return of their Dark Lord. Their ‘dark lord’ is none other than lucifer himself. He is to come through the ‘Golden Gate’, the door to Heaven in the same manner Jesus Christ literally went through the East Gate or ‘Golden Gate’ of Jerusalem in his ‘Triumphal Entry.’ At that time, he was publically proclaimed as the Messiah of Israel. In like manner Dec 21, 2012 is set to have some proclamation on a cosmic scale of a ‘figure’ to enter our time/domain to be proclaimed as the ‘messiah’.

Scorpio in the past was actually an eagle, & a fiery one at that, the infamous Phoenix. Scorpio’s stinger happens to be at the center of our Galaxy Core. In Dec 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice will be aligned to the Cosmic Serpent’s (Milky Way) mouth. It is ascribed to be the agent of resurrection as is Pluto. It is as when a snake sheds its old skin to grow a new one. Scorpio happens to lead to the gateway portal (Stargate) that will some day usher in the ‘lords’ of old to dwell with humanity at its final conclusion. In the esoteric, it as ascribed to as Isis, the consort of Orion or Osiris (Nimrod).

Transit of Venus

In the past 381 years, since recorded dates has been taken down, there have only been 6 transits of Venus occurring -which is very rare. What takes place is that during this transit, Venus lies directly in front of the Sun in line with our Earth. This ‘transit’ comes in pairs, 8 years apart. The first in our new millennium already happened in June 8, 2004, the next one is on June 6, 2012. Venus happens to have an 8-year pentagonal cycle that forms as it goes around our Sun. In the series of Sun-Venus conjunctions, the 8th one happens to occur in 2012. The number ‘8’ has resurrection meaning in a Judeo-Christian context. This cycle makes exactly 13 revolutions during this 8-years rotation. This produces a unique pentagram 5-pointed star pattern in the heavens. Because of the Venus transit to happen in 2012, 2012 is considered a ‘passage year’.

What is also unique is how it makes a "planetary retrograde loop" spanning the constellations of Taurus & Orion. If there was ever a ‘picture of the Rapture of the Christian Church’, this would be it! The imagery is startling. It is no way insinuating that this event will be the Rapture but only suggestive in that the ’picture’ is what some Christians & the Bible depicted it to be. It will be but a course with significant symbolism: Venus swings by in a conjunction to the Pleiades (the 7 Maidens or Churches of the Book of Revelation). Then it proceeds near the pierced heel of the wounded Shepherd (Auriga). He is the Shepherd that laid down His life for the Sheep. Then Venus loops into the ‘Transit’ to conjunct with the Sun in the midst of Taurus’s horns. Venus then travels over Orion’s hand. At this stage, Venus stays stationary in the Hand of Orion (ORI64) sometime in August for a while before proceeding thereafter. This cosmic scenario is exactly what has been prophetically foretold by Jesus Christ himself concerning His Church/Bride on Earth at the point of the Rapture to come –as some interpret it. Christ, the Shepherd is to come for His 7 Churches & holds them in His hand as the Redeemer (Orion) that no one can pluck them out as in the imagery of the Book Revelation exclaims. Some notable date correlations regarding this coming Transit of Venus:

From Comet Lovejoy in Orion to Venus in Orion: Apr 19 2012 - Aug 8, 2012 = 111 days

From Venus at Orion’s Hand to Blood Moon of Nov: Aug 8 2012 - Nov 28 2012 = 111 days

Solar Flares
It is theorized that the coming Dec 21, 2012 Earth-Sun alignment with the Galactic Center will convergence on some sort of galactic energy vortex. Scientists have confirmed that our Solar System will be entering a ‘photon belt’ as our Solar System traverses through the Galactic Center. Earth’s orbit will be fully immersed in this anticipated & documented energy cloud or ‘bubble’ by Dec 21, 2012. It so happens that this same time period coincides with the next major sunspot Solar Maximum flare-up that is 11 years to a cycle.

This ‘energy’ bean or zone will consist of gamma & x-rays that may effect our Sun in a negative cataclysmic way. This flare up can possibly exacerbate the seismic & volcanic activity currently being experienced. This zone to be entered may also change the Earth’s polarity. It has been documented that our North Pole is moving Fast! Perhaps at this time, our Sun may expand its size for a duration of time as some scientific computer models project. Others speculate that the Sun will emit an Electromagnetic Magnetic Pulse (EMP) to cause massive worldwide blackouts. All these scenarios seem fatalistic especially when humanity is said to be entering a ‘new’ time of harmonization, yet this is exactly what is needed according to the esoteric perspective; out of the ashes of the Old Age, comes the New. Perhaps.

Annular Total Solar Eclipse
On Nov 20, 2013 a very rare & special Annular Total Solar eclipse will occur. It will be an unusual type of hybrid in which a total eclipse is seen along some part of the lunar shadow across the surface of our planet. Likewise, the annular eclipse (gold ring) is also seen along the other part of the eclipse path. Interestingly, this Eclipse will cross of the Earth’s equator & Greenwich Meridian line at 0 latitude 0 latitude.

Some Timelines of Significant Events
From Comet Lovejoy in Orion to Venus in Orion Apr 19 2012 - Aug 8, 2012 = 111 days
From Venus in Orion’s hand (ORI64) to Blood Moon August 8, 2012 - November 28, 2012 = 111 days

From Rosh HaShana to Winter Solstice September 16, 2012 - December 21, 2012 = 96 days
From Venus in Orion’s hand (ORI64) to Solar Eclipse Aug 8, 2012 - Nov 28, 2012 = 96 days

From Spring Solstice to Pentecost Mar 20 - May 26, 2012 = 66 days
From Blood Moon to Venus at Orion’s Hand June 4, 2012 - August 8, 2012 = 66 day

From Purim to Spring Solstice March 7, 2012 - March 20, 2012 = 13 days
From Spring Solstice to Venus Transit March 20, 2012 - June 5, 2012 = 77 days

From Start of Venus Transit to Fall Equinox June 6, 2012 - September 15, 2012 = 101 days
From Venus in Orion (ORI64) to Rosh HaShana August 9, 2012 - September 16, 2012 = 40 days
>From Passover to Rosh HaShana April 7, 2012 - September 6, 2012 = 153 days

Some Sources

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: "The New Age to Come: The Countdown Begins"

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Gerlinda (24 Feb 2012)
"Luis Vega - Absolutely the best article ever"


This is the absoute best article I've ever read on Five Doves or anywhere else showing us how God has planned it all with his Signs in the Heavens, thus those that do the Astrology are following a demonic plan to open the heavenly portals to make the way for their 'god' in his quest to steal the crown, throne: all of the Almighty's power & glory. Luis, through this article, is showing the many who have figured the numbers and signs just where they stand in accordance to the Heavenly plan. The various arguements are a bit petty in the total scheme of it all. HaShem must have a chuckle or two with us all as the various blue-prints are laid out of how it must all go down., yet so many are so very close. The Occult has bared it's hand by the Satanic ritual performed at Super Bowl half-time. Everything is out in the open now. Praise the Lord! And thank you so much Luis, for this Out-standing, complete report you have put together. This is one that I will be saving in a special envelope by itself. gerlinda

Luis Vega (21 Feb 2012)
"The New Age to Come: The Countdown Begins"

Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


Disclaimer: Rapture Bible Prophecy Forum, ( http://www.rapturebibleprophecyforum.com ) does not necessarily endorse or agree with every opinion expressed in every article posted on this site. We do however, encourage a healthy and friendly debate on the issues of our day. Whether you agree or disagree, we encourage you to post your feedback by using the reply button.

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