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The "Resurrection" has been erroneously labeled The "Rapture". 

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'Rabbi' Messer Crowns Eddie Long King: A Messianic Response

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

11:32AM EST 2/9/2012 RON CANTOR

Bishop Eddie Long taking part in a false Jewish ceremony in which he was crowned king.

Note: I am reluctantly writing this blog. After I initially saw this video, I felt it wasn’t even worth commenting on. However, it appears that in just a few hours this video has gone viral and affected not just the body of believers, but the Jewish world as well. As a Messianic Jew, I feel compelled to make it clear both to the Church world and the Jewish community that this man is not a part of mainstream Messianic Judaism.

Just days after I wrote an article about unity, saying that the only time we should publicly call out ministers is in cases of moral failure, false teaching and apostasy, I find myself needing to do just that.

When I saw the YouTube video of self-proclaimed Messianic Rabbi Ralph Messer declaring the soon-to-be divorced and accused pedophile Eddie Long (Long settled out of court for a reported $15,000,000), to be a king, I felt sick to my stomach. I sat there stunned, as this man desecrated a Torah scroll, one that survived the Holocaust no less (if he is to be believed) and committed one of the most offensive acts toward Jews by a so-called believer that I have seen in my lifetime.

In the video (click here to watch) Messer spews out a number of, what I believe to be, myths that the unsuspecting crowd has no reason to doubt.

The covering or mantle of the Torah is called the Foreskin—FALSE: Not only is this disgusting, it is not true. No Jewish organization refers to the Torah covering in this way.
A brand new scroll starts at $60,000—FALSE: A Torah can be purchased at $20,000. $60,000 would be the most, not the least someone would pay.
Thirty-nine lambskins are used to make a Torah—FALSE: As many as 80 skins are used, depending on the need. And more often than not, they use cows, not lambs—more real estate on a cow.
Thirty-nine seams (a seam is one piece of skin in which 3 or 4 columns of text appear) are in a Torah (seeking to make a connection to Yeshua’s flogging)—FALSE: Between 62 and 84 seams are needed.
Jews touch the Torah with their finger—FALSE: Because of the oils on the fingers and the sanctity of the Torah, a special pointing device called a Yad (Hebrew for hand, not finger) is used to read the Torah.
90 percent of Jews in the world have never seen, come close to or touched a [Torah] scroll—RIDICULOUSLY FALSE: Every girl or boy who has a Bar or Bat mitzvah reads directly from a Torah scroll, not to mention that a Torah is marched throughout a synagogue every week for every person to touch (the outer covering, not the parchment).
Only one of great authority can read from the Torah—FALSE: Again, tens of thousands of Jewish boys and girls read from the Torah every year during their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and they do not possess great authority. In addition, anyone from the congregation may be invited to read from the Torah throughout the year.
It takes three and half years to write a Torah scroll (seeking to make a connection between Yeshua’s three and a half years of ministry)—FALSE: It actually takes about one year or 2,000 hours. Someone working just over 6 hours a day would finish the scroll in year or so.
Torahs are only given to cities that need to be released into a new anointing—UNBELIEVABLY FALSE: Almost every synagogue and Messianic synagogue in every city has a Torah scroll. There is no scriptural precedent for this—zero. Then Messer, based on his Israeli citizenship (assuming he really has it) and his Jewishness (assuming he is really Jewish), gives the Torah on behalf of the Jewish people to Eddie Long, most of who would cringe at his utter disregard for the Torah scroll. In order to give something to someone on behalf of others, you must be sent out as a representative. An ambassador might give something on behalf of his nation. But someone who not only does not represent the Jewish people, but doesn’t represent the Messianic community, has zero apostolic authority to make such a pronouncement—at least in my understanding of authority. Rabbi David Shiff, a legitimate Messianic leader in Atlanta, said, “Ralph Messer in no way represents Messianic Judaism. He is not affiliated with any legitimate branch of Messianic Judaism. His actions in no way reflect the position of Messianic Judaism. I found the presentation to be repulsive and inappropriate.”
Messer claims that the kings of Israel were physically wrapped in the Torah—FALSE: There is no text in the Hebrew Scriptures that speak to this.
The idea that New Testament leaders are exalted as kings goes against the biblical portrayal of New Testament leaders as servants. Yeshua, who is a king, bent down to wash the feet of his disciples. He who wants to be great must became the very least.

He claims that after the king goes through the ceremony he cannot be attacked and he is hidden in the Word of God. Any believer can take hold of God’s Word, not just kings who go through special made-up ceremonies.

Next a woman brings a Tallit (prayer shawl), allowing it to drag on the floor. In Judaism not only would one go to great lengths to keep a Tallit from touching the floor, it is only worn by Jewish men who have been Bar Mitzvahed. Placing one on a non-Jew, and then declaring him a Jewish priest (Kohen) and a king, will only serve to offend the Jewish people and make us look like fools.

Messer then declares that Long is a king. If I put all my reservations aside about anyone being called a King (apart from the idea that we are all kings and priests) and just focus on the fact that Eddie Long just settled out of court four lawsuits from young men who said he coerced them into having underage sex with him. I would conclude that there is probably a more qualified candidate for the position. I am sure there are many fine leaders in Atlanta whose marriages are intact and have not been accused of sexual crimes. Why Long? I would think that someone whose wife has just left him would be seeking counseling, not coronation.

This was not the first time Ralph Messer showed up to support an embattled bishop. When a megachurch pastor and his wife decided to get divorced in 2007, Messer was there to affirm the pastor. In a situation where most pastors would be inclined to at least take a break from ministry, as having your home in order is a qualification for eldership, Messer encouraged this pastor ‘prophetically’ (who resigned not long afterwards due to health concerns) to keep going.

On the day that this leader announced that he and his wife were splitting, Messer took a Tallit and placed it over the soon-to-be-divorced pastor and said, “I declare today that my bishop has entered into a new season, a new season, a new season.” While technically I guess that was true—he was entering a new season—Messer meant it as an affirmation of his ministry.

I don’t know Ralph Messer and it is not my place to judge the motives of his heart, but I do find it troubling that he is doing these acts while claiming to be a Messianic rabbi. His actions reflect poorly on the Messianic community who is seeking to be a positive witness to the fact that you can be Jewish and believe in Yeshua.

While it is not my place to declare him a false prophet or a false teacher, I feel confident saying that which I witnessed in the YouTube video was false teaching and false prophecy, at least in my opinion.

Messianic Jews have spent the last half-century contending for the Messianic faith and in one day, a YouTube video that has gone viral, is seeking to discredit us. Let’s pray that somehow God will turn this for good and that Messianic Jews will have an opportunity to share the true Messianic faith.

Without a doubt someone will read this and say, “Ron, God is merciful. He can forgive Eddie Long.” Friends, I agree. However this is not an issue of mercy or forgiveness, but holding up biblical standards for leadership. Leadership is a privilege, not a right. Long receiving forgiveness is one thing. Being declared a king in front of millions of people is another.

Too often, fallen leaders are indignant at being disqualified. Of course they can be restored to God, but it takes time before they will be ready to lead again and more importantly, before the people of God will be ready to trust them again.

And speaking of mercy, my heart immediately goes to the alleged victims of Bishop Long. I cannot imagine how they felt seeing the man who (allegedly) coerced them into homosexual relations, being honored as a king.

As far as Messer is concerned, anyone who has a habit of showing on the doorstep of disgraced ministers with huge platforms, worries me. However this time it appears his folly may have caught up with him. Despite the overwhelming support he received during the service from the crowd who assumed that he was speaking truth, his actions have been condemned by the Messianic community and many in the African-American community.

As I said, I reluctantly wrote this because I don’t think that one should publicly rebuke someone lightly. However I am at peace with my words; this needed to be confronted. I am sure that many others, smarter and more eloquent than myself, will feel the need to do the same.

Ron Cantor heads the Isaiah 2 Initiative, an Israeli-based vision to see the good news go forth from Zion. In 2009 and 2010 I2I took Israelis to Ukraine and Africa where the gospel went forth to tens of thousands of people with signs and wonders.

Re: 'Rabbi' Messer Crowns Eddie Long King: A Messianic Response

Hi Jennice, Thank you for this post! I had seen it somewhere else and didin't read it because I'm not a fan of Eddie Long, but when I saw that you posted it, I decided i needed to read it.
Makes one weep to see all this "show" of piety, and it's all FALSE! They don't even know what they're doing. God Bless you, Sally

Re: 'Rabbi' Messer Crowns Eddie Long King: A Messianic Response


Thank you for this post. Like Sally said, it does make one weep at such piety. Matthew 24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Keep Looking UP!!

God Bless You!!


Re: 'Rabbi' Messer Crowns Eddie Long King: A Messianic Response

How sad! This shows the state of the body of Christ in our country. The fact that this man has not stepped down and humbled himself is a travesty. Shame on us Christians that we have made pastors and church buildings ours gods.

Re: 'Rabbi' Messer Crowns Eddie Long King: A Messianic Response

For Fair Use Discussion and Educational Purposes

Bishop Eddie Long, Rabbi Messer Apologize for Offensive ‘King’ Ceremony

Eddie Long being wrapped in the Torah. (YouTube)

Bishop Eddie Long has apologized for a bizarre ceremony in late January in which a Messianic rabbi crowned him as “king.”

"The ceremony was not my suggestion, nor was it my intent, to participate in any ritual that is offensive in any manner to the Jewish community," Long wrote in a letter sent Saturday to Bill Nigut, southeast regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The ritualistic service was posted on YouTube and went viral. More than 650,000 people have viewed the video, which sparked an outrage among Christians and Jews alike.

During the ceremony, Rabbi Ralph Messer dubbed the scandalized megachurch pastor a king, wrapped him in a scroll, and presented him with a “belt of justice and blessing” and “a constitution of God as king.” Four men then lifted up the seated Long and carried him around the platform as Hebrew songs played in the background.

In his letter to the Anti-Defamation League Long denounced any action that depicts him as a king and said he was only a servant of the Lord. Nigut told the Journal-Constitution that he accepted Long’s apology.

"For the ADL it's a real wake-up call that a lot of people do not understand our liturgies and practices," Nigut said. "Guys like Messer are troubling to us because they appropriate real ritual or, in this case, make one up."

The backlash against Messer, who heads Simchat Tora Beit Midrash and was one of the speakers at Long’s Economic Empowerment Summit, is coming from many sides.

"Messer is not recognized by any major branch of Messianic Judaism and, under the standards of the UMJC and the MJAA, is not even considered part of our community, let alone a rabbi,” said a joint statement from the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations and the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. “He is operating entirely outside the mainstream Messianic Jewish community.”

But Messer is defending himself and the controversial ceremony. In a video response, he said he wasn’t trying to offend anyone by using the Torah scroll. He apologized to the Jewish community for any offense. He also showed the ceremony in its entirety.

“I was invited [to New Birth] to teach the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith and the Torah to New Birth and their community at large,” Messer says, noting that his goal was to encourage a community of believers that had been extremely discouraged, as well as to encourage Long who he said “has been through a major test in the last three years.” He said their goal was “to restore and lift and encourage a man.”