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Frank Dimora:Bible Prophecy and current events for Sept. 6, 2011

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Bible Prophecy and current events for Sept. 6, 2011

What the Ezekiel war will look like.

Prophecy Sign: My ministry is here to point to the things God has shown us before they would occur. In this case this current news is pointing to two wars which have not yet been fulfilled. The first war is the Psalm 83 war of which the bordering nations around Israel will be involved, and the second war are the nations listed in Ezekiel chapter 38 of which Iran and Turkey are two of the nations. If the Lord told us these wars would come and you read headlines like this: “IDF general: Likelihood of regional war growing”, why wouldn’t you believe His warnings?
I quote, “Recent revolutions in the Arab world and the deteriorating ties with Turkey are raising the likelihood of a regional war in the Middle East, IDF Home Front Command Chief, Major General Eyal Eisenberg warned Monday. "It looks like the Arab Spring, but it can also be a radical Islamic winter," he said in a speech at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv. Ynetnews coverage of growing Mideast threats: "This leads us to the conclusion that through a long-term process, the likelihood of an all-out war is increasingly growing," the IDF general said. "Iran has not abandoned its nuclear program. The opposite it true; it continues full steam ahead," he said. "In Egypt, the army is collapsing under the burden of regular security operations, and this is reflected in the loss of control in the Sinai and the turning of the border with Israel into a terror border, with the possibility that Sinai will fall under the control of an Islamic entity."

Iranian missile (Photo: Reuters)

"In Lebanon, Hezbollah is growing stronger within government arms, but it has not lost its desire to harm Israel, and the ties with Turkey aren't at their best," Major General Eisenberg added.” “Referring to what he characterized as the possibility of a "radical Islamic winter," Major-General Eisenberg said: "This raises the likelihood of an all-out, total war, with the possibility of weapons of mass destruction being used." There is no coincidence General’s are talking about weapons of mass destruction. God already showed us what will happen to the enemies who attack Israel. All this news does is show us we are much closer to seeing these prophecies coming to pass.

Let’s take a look at the current warning from this news report and compare them with the Lord’s warning from Ezekiel. Ezekiel 39: 12 which says, “And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse the land.” Look at Ezekiel 39:14 where we are told, “And they shall sever out men of continual employment, passing through the land to bury with the passengers those that remain upon the face of the earth, to cleanse it: after the end of seven months shall they search.”

When this war is played out, God sends a fire, a fire that will cause the Israeli government to hire special people to mark and bury the dead. Notice these people can’t even touch the dead bodies for a period of seven months before burying them. Does the word nuclear come to mind? This is the exact procedure the Israeli government would take if confronted with a nuclear war. If the Ezekiel war weren’t nuclear why would they have to wait a period of seven months before they cleanse the land? People would only do this if it were nuclear. We have more evidence that this war will be nuclear. Look at what the Prophet Zechariah says in Zech. 14:12. “And this shall be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, Their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, And their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths.” This is exactly what happens in a nuclear blast. This is the fire that is poured out on the enemies of Israel. Ezekiel 38:22 we are told that God “will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone. Keep in mind, Ezekiel did not know what a nuclear bomb would look like. Zechariah and Ezekiel are describing this event with the words of his day, the works he would use to tell people what it was he saw. Fire, brimstone, peoples skin melting away as the stand on their feet, and their tongues dissolving in their mouths are all ways showing us what this generation is very familiar with. We know what the results of a nuclear bomb will be because, for many still living they saw it first hand in Japan during the II World War.

Ezekiel 38:21 shows us God is going to cause the enemies attacking Israel to turn against themselves! In short, what the enemies of Israel were going to do to Israel, God does to them. Now this is where the current news becomes important to future events concerning this war and Iran.


Now I want to turn my attention to this part of the report today. "In Lebanon, Hezbollah is growing stronger within government arms, but it has not lost its desire to harm Israel”. Please bear with me if I sound like I am repeating myself. This information is for the new people just finding my site!

For all the regular reading at my post they already know how many times I told them to expect more rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza and from Lebanon. I warned everyone at my post that these attacks would not stop and even said they would get worse! I gave these warning out based on what I read in Psalm 83. You see I know the Psalm war is near and because we have already entered into the birth pains Jesus warned us about in Mark 13:8, I knew what to expect. Was the warning correct? Let’s see. I quote, “A significant rise in the number of terror attacks was recorded in August, the Shin Bet reported Monday. According to the report, 178 attacks were recorded in August, compared to 53 in July. The figures include rocket strikes from the Gaza Strip. Overall, 134 rocket attacks against Israel were recorded during the month. Shin Bet officials noted that the number of terror attacks originating in the Gaza Strip rose to 135, compared to 30 that originated in Judea and Samaria. Meanwhile, six terror attacks originated in Jerusalem, compared to eight in July.”

Need I say anything else? The only thing I can add to this would be this. Expect a full blown war soon and it will be with the same nations God listed in Psalm 83. After this war expect to see another war with the same nations listed in Ezekiel 38! Before these war begin the Lord will show you more signs these wars are about to take place. Now would be a good time to receive not only what God has warned us about these wars, but to receive Him as your savior as well. One of the main reasons why God told us of these events was so His children would know for sure how close we are to His second coming. The warnings are really a love message to prepare His bride. Those who are on the watch will see these things, and will keep looking up knowing our redemption is very close at hand.


I read this headline today,“Israel to hold drill at Dimona N plant”. Let’s not kid ourselves. Why do you think Israel is holding drills at there nuclear plant? They know full well that their enemies will try to strike at this plant if attacked! The report tells us, “The drill, dubbed “Fernando,” is set to be held in the Negev desert on Tuesday, the Jerusalem Post reports. Hundreds of soldiers, police forces, medical staff and Dimona employees will participate in the exercise, which will simulate a possible missile attack or an earthquake that could lead to a nuclear meltdown. During the drill, Israel will examine the experience it has obtained from the recent earthquake in Japan, which led to a major nuclear crisis. Japan's ********* plant has been leaking radiation into the air, the soil and the Pacific Ocean ever since it was hit by a 9-magnitude earthquake and a devastating tsunami in March.” I can assure you this, Iran has Dimona in their sites, and this is the real reason why the drills are taking place. Israel’s Prime Minister knows Iran has major ties with the PLO in the Gaza, and don’t think for one minute that the nations listed in the Psalm 83 war aren’t looking at Dimona as one of their strike zones.


While Israel is practicing for a possible missle strike at Dimona they are at the same time engaged with the same enemies listed in that Psalm 83 war. Does any one remember what I said in my post dated September 3, 2011? I wrote to you about about the PLO attacking Israel than going before the UN to paint Israel in a negative light? Well this is what is happening. Once again the PLO attacked Israel, and of course Israel had to respond. The PLO knew what would happen and as I said, is using this to turn all the nations against Israel. I quote the news. “There has been no immediate report of casualties from Gaza following the overnight attack, AFP reported on Tuesday. On August 22, a ceasefire was agreed to by Hamas and Tel Aviv, but it has not stopped the Israeli regime from launching further deadly airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, leading to more Palestinian casualties. Israel has increased its attacks on the Palestinian territory in recent months, killing and wounding scores of individuals in the impoverished Gaza. Hamas has criticized Tel Aviv for violating the January 2009 treaty, which ended the 22-day Israeli war against Gaza. Hamas also says that it has decided to raise the issue of repeated Israeli violations at the UN, as it gives rise to the "threat of further aggression against the Palestinians." May I say something to the leaders of the PLO? Stop sending rockets into Israel, and Israel won’t have to attack you!


What are the odds that all the nations of the world will come against Israel in the last days? Can’t you see the handwriting on the wall? Nation after nation for the past year have been swinging over to the PLO side and are stating they will vote for a PLO State inside Israel.

“Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - A group of men from Jenin revealed on August 29 showed their own support for the PLO bid for statehood in September in the form of a chair. The 35 men created a powdery blue chair to match with the UN colors with the word Palestine embossed on it. The seat is made entirely from local products, including cloth from Nablus which was weaved in Hebron and two keys, symbolizing the refugee right to return, which were sent from Jerusalem. The chair – created to fit into a suitcase – is to make its way around the world, including to Security Council member states Russia, France, the UK and the EU’s permanent headquarters in Belgium before it arrives in New York in time for the Palestinians’ September 20 bid.

At the diplomatic level, the battle is still on even before the Palestinians reach the UN headquarters in New York. On September 2, the Palestinian Authority rejected a French suggestion that Palestine should assume an observer status at the UN similar to that of the Vatican. Palestinians say they insist on full membership and have the support of the majority of countries in the General Assembly.”

Also on the September 2, several European Union foreign ministers meeting in Poland said the EU must speak in a single voice regarding the Palestinians’ UN bid. “For all those who really seek a Middle East solution, it’s clear that it’s crucial for the European Union to have a united position,” said Belgian Foreign Minister Steven Vanackere.”

We can see the Zechariah 12:3 prophecy is being set in place and what you just read about is a sign it is coming!


GBTV: Pastor John Hagee and Glenn Beck at 'Restoring Courage' Event in Caesarea

Since I have been warning you about all the events that are suppose to occur in the month of September in many of my posts, I wanted to give you a list of events that are suppose to be played out.

World and natural events continue to escalate at an alarming rate. The economy continues its slide into the abyss. Seismographic and volcanic activity are at historic highs and have risen dramatically in the last fee weeks. Comet Elenin approaches and may be signaling the event we have been preaching about called the Rapture. Bible prophecy continues to prove that the Bible is the true word of God.

Too much is happening to go over it all. Following is a list upcoming dates and their events and afterwards a commentary on the more important ones.

Sept 7: Obama to make speech on jobs and economy. Don’t expect to much from this speech!

Sept 11: Ten year anniversary of an events that began taking our rights in the name of safety and the illegal wars in the middle east.). Possible terror event to keep the population scared.

Sept 11: Comet Elenin's closest point to the Sun, which some say will be the cause of some huge quakes.

Sept 11: The Movement for the Establishment of the Temple will hold a "Temple Feast" to bring attention to their cause. This article is short and worth reading. You can see how Revelation 11:1 is coming into play. The confirmation of the covenant in Daniel 9:27 will give the Jews the right to build the temple (it will be built during the Tribulation) and the Antichrist will go into this temple at the 42 month mark, claim to be God, and set up the abomination that causes desolation (Daniel 9, Matthew 24). As with all the prophecies you can see the handwriting for this 3rd Temple is heading in the direction Daniel warned us about.


Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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Re: Frank Dimora:Bible Prophecy and current events for Sept. 6, 2011

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Part II

I quote, “The Movement for Establishment of the Temple will hold a Temple Conference and "Temple Feast" in ten days' time, and it intends to adopt a new slogan – "Say 'No' to the Kotel" -- that some will find provocative. Yehuda Glick of the Movement explained the rationale behind the slogan in an exclusive Arutz Sheva interview. The Jewish people, he said, have gotten psychologically accustomed over the centuries to a situation in which they only had access to the Kotel and in which rebuilding the Temple seemed like an impossible dream. However, the dream is more possible than ever and it is time to start thinking and acting differently, he urged. "About 25 years ago we started to ascend to the Temple Mount," he explained. "We were barely ten people. And now hundreds of people ascend. The question is, how do we create a consciousness that Jews on the Temple Mount are a natural thing." "The Kotel is the back yard of the Temple Mount," he said. "The Nation of Israel returned to Israel 'lehashiv et ha'avoda liDvir Beitecha,'" he said – quoting a line from the daily Shmoneh Esreh prayer in which Jews ask G-d to let them renew the Temple rituals.

Let me tell you what is going to happen. If you are left behind after the rapture of the Church I promise you that this prophecy concerning the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple will come to pass. When you hear the news that the Jews are rebuilding this Temple, you will then understand the only way you will be able to make it into the Kingdom of God is by one of two things to happen. The first way is to some how live through the entire 7 year tribulation, and not taking the mark of the Antichrist. At the end of the tribulation when Jesus separates the sheep from the goats you will be spared because you did not take the mark of the beast. However, at the end of the Lord’s 1000 reign you will face another challenge when the Lord allows Satin out of hell for a short season to bring as many to destruction as he can. At the end of the 1000 years those people who made it through the 7 year tribulation will have free will to choose Jesus or Satan. Those who stay with Christ will go with Jesus into the new heavens. All those who were raptured and come back with Jesus to reign with Him will not be challenge as we will be in our glorified bodies never to face sin again.

The second way to make it into the Lord’s kingdom if you are left behind will be to die for Christ by refusing the mark of the beast. Those people will enter into His Kingdom and will also come back with the Church and Christ at the end of the 7 year tribulation. Knowing this, what are you waiting for! Take Christ now while the Lord still has His Church on Earth. Why take the chance of missing out of the Lord’s blessing as He pulls those who love Him and have been looking for His blessed appearing?


Sept 13: UN General Assembly opens its 66th session. It will be chaired by a Muslim named Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser from Qatar. (Notice the numbers and the rise of Muslims to prominent positions as we get deeper into the last days.)

Sept 15: We are told there is a possible catastrophic earthquake that hits somewhere on the Pacific tectonic plate. Some have warned it will happen in California. You can visit this site below that gives you more information about this. Will this quake really happen? Only Jesus knows for sure, but we should all be ready for any type of disaster no matter what. This is just good practice just in case!


Sept 17: Day of Rage - this time in the US sponsored by the SEIU. They plan to march on Wall Street and "take it back". "Ordo ab chao" - The Globalists use this sort of chaos to advance their agenda. Click link for the full article.


Sept 20: This is the event I have warned you about that the PLO has planned. It is vote at the UN to recognize Palestine as a nation based on the borders set Nov 29, 1947 - giving them Jerusalem as their capital. This may be the most significant prophetic event since Israel declared independence on May 14, 1948.

Sept 21: UN International Day of Peace

Sept 27-30: Sundown begins the Jewish feast day of Rosh Hashanah - ends Sept 30 at twilight. Because of all the events merging all together at the same time around the Rosh Hashanah I have put up the red flay as a high possibility of the event called the Rapture during this time. Shortly we will all knew if Jesus picked this year’s Feast of Trumpets to remove His Church.

Sept 27-30: Comet Elenin makes its pass between the Sun and the Earth possibly causing 3 days of darkness. Again, this happens on the exact days of the Feast of Trumpets.

Like I said, September will be a very interesting month. If there was ever a time one should take Christ as there Lord it is now! If you are smart you would prepare your family for a disaster because you want them to be safe, so why not prepare them for eternity with Christ by leading them all in prayer to receive Jesus. You want safe? This is the ultimate for safety!!!

Before I move on to the next prophecy sign I want to show you a picture someone send to me today. This is what the person wrote me. “

Frank I thought you might be interested in my fiancée sent me when he was at work. He took a picture with his cell phone and there was this red object right next to the sun. We know that Elenin is supposed to be the closest to the sun on Sept. the 11th. I asked him if it wasn't a glare he said it wasn't. What do you think?”

Here is that picture she sent me. Do you want to know for sure if this red object is Elenin? I am sure by now anyone who has seen any news about Comet Elenin, or Planet X wants to know for sure if these things are true or false. You me, and everyone else on this planet will know for sure within 3 weeks time. Either everything that was warned about the Comet will happen, or it will pass by with the same force as the Y2 share. I have a strong feeling if it is true everyone will get more proof by September 11.when Comet Elenin is the closest point to the Sun, which as I already stated, some say will be the cause of some huge quakes.

Prophecy Sign: Revelation 13:16-17 “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” As long as I have been talking about the handwriting on the wall let me give you news pointing to a new economic system that will take hold once the present world’s system crashes. Of course the new system will end up fulfilling Rev. 13:16-17. I don’t know how many times since 1977 that I warned a global economic collapse would come, which would help usher in the Antichrist. The world’s economic state is just at the point of falling apart. Here are some facts in a report entitled: “World Markets Plunge on Fears of New US Recession”. “LONDON (AP) — Wall Street braced for losses on Tuesday after world stock markets took a beating over fears that the U.S. economy was heading back into recession. More drops were expected today, but across the globe there were varied results. European exchanges opened mixed Tuesday, with neither large gains or losses and Asian exchanges fell, some by more than two percent. Japan’s Nikkei closed at its lowest point since April 2009 — falling 2.2 percent, to a level unseen since the previous global economic downturn. Other major Asian markets also sustained losses, with South Korea’s KOSPI dropping 1.1 percent and Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 losing 1.5 percent. The most dramatic market movements centered on Switzerland after the central bank announced it was pegging the national currency at 1.20 francs per euro in an attempt to rein in the export-sapping appreciation of the currency. The Swiss National Bank said it was ready to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities to keep the franc weak. The surprise announcement had immediate ramifications, particularly in the currency markets -- by late morning London time, the euro was 8.9 percent higher at 1.2036 francs. But in the United States, markets were expected to go lower today after markets were closed for Labor Day.”

At the present time there is a debate which nation will fall first, the US or the EU? Will it really matter, the end result will be the same, the rise of the Antichrist from the ashes of a failed economy.

Prophecy Sign: Daniel 12:4 warned us that our generation would be known for two things which are, increase in knowledge, and people would be traveling back and forth. Without any great explanations here is an example of this prophecy coming to pass.

“Phase one of the world's first commercial spaceport, which will be the hub for Virgin's consumer spaceflights, is now 90 per cent complete. The 1,800-acre Spaceport America site, in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is the home base for Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's most ambitious business venture yet. It already boasts a runway stretching to nearly two miles long, a futuristic styled terminal hanger, and a dome-shaped Space Operations Centre.” “The work is now just months away from completion, according to a spaceport spokesman, and is set to be done by the end of the year, well in time for the first expected Virgin Galactic spaceflights in 2013. Christine Anderson, the newly appointed executive director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, told SPACE.com she was 'jazzed' about the progress made so far.”


Prophecy Sign: Luke 21:25 tells us that in the last days we will see signs of the roaring of the seas and waves. The roaring of the seas and waves are in part the cause of massive storms, but can also be caused by huge earthquakes that move massive amounts of ocean water after the quake. While I am giving you the news about storms I also want to point out the Lord’s curse on anyone who burdens themselves over Jerusalem. God warning us in Zechariah 12:3 that He would come against every nation that either came against Israel or for that matter even burdening themsleves over His city Jerusalem. Ever since Japan had pledged to give 30 million dollars to the PLO to support them Japan has had one major disaster after the other. Here is the latest disaster to strike Japan.

TOKYO (AP) — Rescuers in Japan dug through mud-caked debris and searched the banks of swollen rivers Monday for those missing in a powerful typhoon that left at least 25 people dead, the latest disaster for a country still recovering from a calamitous tsunami six months ago. Typhoon Talas, which was later downgraded to a tropical storm, lashed coastal areas with destructive winds and record-setting rains over the weekend. In addition to the dead and missing, thousands more were stranded as the typhoon washed out bridges, railways and roads. "We will do everything we can to rescue people and search for the missing," said new Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who took office just one day before the typhoon hit and whose government is still struggling to deal with the tsunami recovery and the ensuing nuclear crisis. The typhoon was believed to be the worst to hit Japan since 2004, when 98 people were killed or reported missing. It caused most of its damage on the Kii Peninsula, in central Japan southwest of Tokyo and hundreds of miles (kilometers) from the country's tsunami-ravaged northeastern coast.”


In the US which is another nation who has fallen the Lord’s curse for trying to divide up Israel, she has also faced one disaster after the other most of 2011. Here is the latest report on Lee. “Cool temperatures and steady tropical rain will spread across Greater New York on Tuesday, as cold Canadian air combines with the slow-moving remnants of Tropical Storm Lee to give us a rainy week. Expect cooler than average highs around 70 with lows in the 60s for the next few days. The circulation of former Tropical Storm Lee has created some impressive rainfall totals and flooding from New Orleans to North Carolina this weekend, with many spots racking up 10-15″ of rain — similar to our experience with Hurricane Irene last week. The same storm caused wildfires to burn out of control near Austin as dry air was pulled southwards across drought-stricken Texas. This system will continue its slow slog northward towards our area, weakening slightly as it combines with a strong cold front. Most of us in New Jersey are likewise pretty much rained out — still in recovery mode after Hurricane Irene’s vicious floods wrecked area rivers. After finally dropping back more or less to normal flow on Monday, the Passaic River may return to minor flood stage later this week”.

By the way, we are now watching Hurricane Katia which at this time is a major category three hurricane.


The latest news that just came in reported "Hurricane Katia Strengthens to Category 4 Storm with Dangers of Rip Currents". ""Florida has no direct threat from Katia but people along the East Coast should beware of a potential from rough ocean conditions and a high rip current risk due to the swells created by Katia," Florida emergency management officials said."


By the way, do you know when all these signs were to take place? Combine what Jesus warned in verse 12 with His warning found in Matthew 24: 37-39 concerning what the last generation would be like just prior to His second coming. In verses 37-39 Jesus shows us our generation would be just like that of Noah’s. This generation turned from God and followed their own lusts and became evil people. We know part of Noah’s generation troubles came on them when they turned to homosexuality. How do we know this? Notice that Jesus compared Noah’s day to Sodom and Gomorrah and then linked it to the time of his return. I quote our Lord. Luke 17: 25-30. “But first must He [Christ] suffer many things and be rejected by this generation. 26And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man: 27They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. 28“Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot: They ate, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; 29but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. 30“Even thus shall it be in the Day when the Son of Man is revealed.” Lot was living in a city that was full of people who had turned to homosexuality and what happened to that city? God wiped it out! This in itself should tell you something. Look, if Christ warned it would be this way again, and we are seeing it actually spread around the world, what part of the last days signs can’t you see? People are coming after the Christians on all fronts, and they are doing this because they can not live with the Lord’s doctrine nor His ways He set for us to live. Christ is being attack every day and here is another example of that. Below is an example that this world has again become like Noah’s and Sodom and Gomorrah.

False "pastor" Linda Butler EXPOSED and GAY Nativity?!?


Zechariah 12:3,9:
And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people; And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.


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