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Re: lets get some input

Todd, you make up that hp with chassis! Lol I wish I knew 1/4 of what you knew about setup. Some people compensate the chassis game with a little bit of hp. I'm not going to lie I'm one of those people. I get beat by 1k motors all the time but there is those days where the hp will rule the surface. It's tough up here.

Re: lets get some input


The adjustments you need can be done with the approved power commander, you can alter the fuel curve to adjust for the different variables and it bypasses the O2 censer. What else beyond these adjustments do you need/want?

Re: lets get some input

Chris, the racers are the ones that decide the rules. This is done by your WSDCA club voting as a single vote. Each WSDCA club has a vote, that is why it is so important for each club to discuss and decide how "your" club will vote at the annual rules meeting. If there is any rule that your club wants to talk about or maybe a new idea etc, then your club president should contact the WSDCA board so they in turn can contact the other clubs and let them know of your idea. This way each and every club can get input from their members (the racers) and the club gets to vote. This is how you affect change in the WSDCA..
just my two cents.

Re: lets get some input

Henry, when is our meeting for this type of stuff?

Re: lets get some input

I've been going to the WSDCA meetings for at least the last 5 times they have had one, I've always tried to press for safety issues and a clearer rule book. It is very hard to get even safety items passed at these meetings, it took two years to get the roof heights raised. I've tried for the last 3 meetings to get a softer front and rear clip like what is allowed in TUSA but have had little to no support, even after we've had 2 serious broken virtabrae accidents. This past year I thought we voted to make it mandatory in 2016 that all cars must have full containment seats and head and neck devices but it didn't make it into the rule book, but maybe I'm wrong and don't remember it right? In my opinion the rule that says if it doesn't say you can do it than you can't needs to go away or the rule book needs to be updated on a lot of items ie; hubs, spindles, steering racks, radius rods, brakes, floater rearends etc etc there's a bunch of stuff that people run on their cars that's not mentioned in the rule book so are these things illegal? Also in my opinion the exotic rule needs to go away, for example the shock rule says no exotic style shocks, what does this mean? Is this implying that adjustable shocks aren't allowed? If so are the cars that still run the old Carrera clickers illegal? Personally I don't see the tuner thing that Chris has mentioned as a real issue since there are other tuners that are approved and in 10 years of racing these cars I've never run one and I've never blown a motor but that's just my opinion.

Re: lets get some input

The Helmet rule was mandated for 2016, the head and neck restraints and full containment seats were strongly encouraged and "could be mandated in the future".

You cannot rewrite 20 years of rule book in one 5 hour meeting. Rules have sometimes been implemented without due diligence (like the quick change rule that had to be amended from the original vote) because there is just not enough time to "Fix" everything there is that everyone wants to talk about.

Please remember, an opinion is just an opinion and rules should not be changed, added, deleted or amended because 1 person thinks so and that is why there is discussion and votes by the board.

Sometimes rules get made without looking at all possible scenarios. Sometimes you don't know how things will be affected until the situation arises. Sometimes a rule doesn't get made the first time it is brought up but down the road it does. Sometimes everyone agrees and sometimes, a few rules get voted down. That is just the way it goes.

I think as long as we can have fun, have healthy discussion without rudeness, keep looking to the good for ALL drivers, then we have a pretty sweet deal. There will always be disagreements, that is the nature of the beast. WSDCA is the premiere dwarf car racing club in the United States and that is fact. We are on the right track and no, we will never get it 100% right,that is impossible, but we are all doing pretty well. No other division of racing has the car count at WSDCA races.

Re: lets get some input

I agree you can never please everyone. And I also agree you can not restructure the rulebook in 5 hours. Im not knocking wsdca by any means . I'm just trying to start a conversation. Would it be nice to have everything in black and white?? You bet,I guess maybe we should go a different route with this and see how it could be done.

I'm all about trying to make things better and if I could be of any help let me know..

Re: lets get some input

There seems to be a misconception with auto tune:
Auto tune is a tool that's takes data while the engine is running, sniffing air/fuel mixture.
The Bazzaz system and Dynojet system are not a closed loop system. Meaning that they do not adjust while sampling data.
Only after the data is downloaded and imported is there a change in the fueling. Just like tire pressure , tire temp readings are used to make changes for the next session. Seat of the pants tuning of the suspension. Changes are made.
If we all had access to a dyno we could tune our engines to the exact requirements /demands they need. So to restate no adjustments can be made to the fueling during operation, no self tuning. Now a Motec, Pectel, Magna Marelli ECU can close loop adjustments. But those cost between 8-10 thousand for just the ECU doesn't include sensors wiring and a programmer to make it all work.
Thanks , Sean