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wsdca meeting from medford

I stated at our WSDCA meeting in Medford, I would provide a summary of the meeting so here it is. We had reps from NCDCa, SODCA, SNDCA, SBDCA, PHRA, CDCRA, HCDC, NNoutlaws as well as WSDCA officials, Frank and Jan Munroe, Connie Bender and Steve Alberdi.

We discussed 1000.00 to win for Pro and Vets thanks to our sponsors at every National. Dwarf world, D and R chassis, DG racing and Natures Bakery.

All agreed that the WSDCA awards would be in Marysville and checks sent at later date once sponsor money comes in.

Next year, we would like to work towards a throw national and regionals to count back in Points system.
Hopefully we can get these scheduled to allow that.

We agreed to research the truck rule for safety concerns.

Teched more motors. More will be teched at Marysville.

It was suggested to have a wsdca separate website.

For any cars jumping start, 2 car penalty.

Discussed about new lithium type batteries should be discussed for proper mounting.

Representative on the board should relay to their members what is discussed and ruled on at meeting. It is designed to have the reps speak for the general membership, not for each person to bring something to the board. The proper protocol is to bring it to each persons representative who then will bring it to board for discussion.

Reno Meeting is best location if there is a promoter workshop.

All agreed: Not a member of WSDCA, no points or WSDCA contingency money.


Re: wsdca meeting from medford

Jan, what is the "truck" rule? Just curious

Re: wsdca meeting from medford

Chris I think it should read trunk. Back deck lid holes ( rad in rear etc) should have rule to deflect fluid to ground

Re: wsdca meeting from medford

Oh, ok makes more sense. Well really been thinking hard about Marysville here coming up. Need to put faces to everyone's name! Hope it all works out

Re: wsdca meeting from medford

Yes, sorry, typo. Should read TRUNK. Thanks!