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Tipu Sultan misunderstood, victim of false info, says Bhagawan

Tipu Sultan misunderstood, victim of false info, says Bhagawan.

MYSURU: Rationalist and litterateur KS Bhagawan said a section of people without any knowledge about Mysuru ruler Tipu Sultan is making a rumpus in society by deliberately spreading false information.

After inaugurating the seminar on 'Tipu Sultan - A Thought' organized by the Karnataka Dalit Welfare Trust on Sunday, Bhagawan said Tipu is more misunderstood than understood.

"A section of people is deliberately creating a rumpus and spreading fallacious opinions on Tipu, due to false notions. If he was a religious fanatic, the farmers of Srirangapatna would not have remained farmers. If he had such a narrow mind about converting people to Islam, he would have first converted the farmers of Srirangapatna," he said.

Referring to recent incidents of the people of Kodagu opposing Tipu Jayanti, Bhagawan said they are alleging that Tipu killed 2,000 Brahmans and Kodavas. "I personally believe that if Tipu was not involved in any cruelty in Srirangapatna, why would he kill people in Kodagu and Kerala? He may have killed a few people in both regions because they might have conspired against him. Even today, those who conspire against the country are subjected to harsh punishment. So what he did was correct," he said.

Bhagawan said he too was a victim of casteism during his school days. "The Manusmriti, which is practiced by a section of people, says that Shudras are slaves of Brahmans. God made Shudras to serve Brahmans, and if they didn't, Brahmans could punish them. Where is equality in Hindu dharma? Tipu was punishing people who practiced casteism," he said.

He said even Swami Vivekananda was impressed by Islam advocating equality and fraternity. "Tipu represents a great religion. Tipu had always worked for the welfare of farmers and declared that the tiller is the owner of the land, and encouraged dalits to take up agriculture. The people criticizing him are those who lost their land to dalits."

If Tipu had not died in the fourth Anglo-Mysore war, he would have constructed the Kannambadi dam (present KRS dam). Then there would have no water dispute between the two states as Tamil Nadu was under his control, he said.

EXCERPTED FROM: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com