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The Abounding Grace


The Abounding Grace

BY: Priya Devi R.

Nothing is impossible with the Grace of God.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was once confronted by some pundits who wanted to test the Master's knowledge of the scriptures. Probably they mistook the Master's simple outward demeanor for the lack of inward spiritual abundance. The pundits who gathered for an argument caught sight of the strange mood of the master. The Master in his own words referred to this as " You know that I am a fool. The pundits saw the strange mood of mine” When one is immersed in Bakthi or devotion, one gets wrapped in an ecstatic state. A n onlooker who is spiritually sound recognizes the devotion in the ecstasy, otherwise it is often mistook as a mental displacement on the part of the devotee.

The pundits who undertook to test Sri Ramakrishna were exposed to His immense spiritual knowledge. They confessed their inadequacy in such spiritual wisdom despite their mastery over the scriptures. Their ego of knowledge was crushed under infinite wisdom of the Master. It ultimately dawned to the pundits as they further stated that it lay in the grace of God to bring about the ultimate wisdom in one and not the mere study of books.

One becomes wise just by the abounding Grace. It is thus natural for such a one to be endowed with knowledge.

The Master adorned naturally with humility said " You know I am a fool. I know nothing. Then who is that who says all these things?” He attributed the out pour of the words of wisdom to the Divine Mother, Kali.

He thus pointed out that the Grace of God can not only kindle the devotion but also impart supreme wisdom.

From: http://living.oneindia.in