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In The Depth Of The Master's Deeds


In The Depth Of The Master's Deeds

BY: Priya Devi R.

The life of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is a spiritual bounty for seekers. The master's life was exemplary and a careful observation with awareness on different aspects of his life by an aspirant will turn out to be a potential sadhana or practice.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa denounced the lust for wealth and women, as barriers for spiritual growth. Any personal contact with money was shunned by the Master and every woman was none other than the Divine Mother to Him including Sri Sarada Devi, His consort.

Once Sri Ramakrishna visited the register office regarding the registration of a land which was under the title of 'Raghuvir', His tutelary deity. The Master could not get Himself to sign the papers when asked by the officers as the land was not under His name. Later the officers showed Him great respect as Keshab Sen's Guru and presented Him with some good mangoes. The Master could not even lay hands on the mangoes to carry them home.

Sri Ramakrishna believed that it was impossible for a Sannyasi to pile up things. According to Him one cannot attain God without the spirit of a renunciate. He questions, "If one thing is laid on top of another, how can the second thing be removed without removing the first?"

Such was the depth of the Master's renunciation. His life itself is a message packed with spiritual potency ever available for a keen seeker

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