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How A True Devotee Looks At God


How A True Devotee Looks At God

BY: Priya Devi R.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa recognized faith as one and the same when employed in the worship of God in any form.

Once Sri Ramakrishna was overtaken by a storm on His way to Kamarpukur while traversing a big meadow which was haunted by robbers. Hence He began chanting the names of Lord Krishna, Rama Bhagavathi and Hanuman. The master unravels the intention of repeating the names of several deities.

He, in order to present the truth in a simplified way, illustrates it with a simple example. A servant while in the process of counting money for the purchase of several items, segregates the money to divide it to purchase different items. At the end, when the list is completed, he again puts the divided money together .Such is the case with regards to repeating the names of different deities. The essence of God though in varied forms is one and the same. The faith of a true devotee who recognizes the same God in varied forms also remains the same. He realises the same God while considering Him as the formless reality or with varied forms. Nothing ever makes a difference, as the seeming difference thrives on an illusory existence.

Sri Ramakrishna thus expounds the truth of the changeless nature of the Brahman beneath various forms.

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