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Satellite direct ( beware of this con)

They ring you up and say that, "your warranty or insurance is due for renewal."
You think "Oh well I'd better renew it then."
Check your bank statments. Do you have a direct debit with the referance DGS/RPP DD or Sky repair plan? In the list of direct debits it is shown as DGS/RPP DD

If so you already have your waranty/insurance. We were paying a company called Satellite direct £6/month until they tried to cach us for a second time.

Is anyone else aware of this company?

We had a letter from them this week asking us to update our details with us again.


Re: Satellite direct ( beware of this con)

i have a direct debit going out of my account named DGS/RPP i dont know or my bank what it is £22.45/quarter i dont even have sky so am i paying this for nothing

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