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Buddy Rich..&..Maynard Ferguson,, 'Live-Collections'..

. Dear Collectionists, here is a lists of many Live jazz-concerts done by 'Buddy Rich' big bands, in Europe, and others Countrys. I hope it can be of your interest. I also have adds Videos-live of 'Maynard Ferguson.tr,,big bands Live jazz-concerts. In case, if you want, I can also send you my Videos 'catalogues'..
.. Thanks, fabio -> f.baglioni@yahoo.it

-84-buddy rich.dr.+.big band ..at Teatro-‘LIRICO’-Milano-(Italy)..october-1970-..

-85-buddy rich.dr.+.big band .live.–Belgrado-(Yugoslavia) ..november-1984-..

-86-buddy rich.dr.+.big band ..live..-Perugia-(Umbria-Jazz) 17’july-1986- 1’pt..

-87-buddy rich.dr.+.big band ..live..-Perugia-(Umbria-Jazz) 17’july-1986- 2’pt..

-97-buddy rich.dr,,big band..Live ‘’L ‘ Aja Jazz festival ‘’-Holland-,, 11’ july -1986,, t. 25’,,42...-

-97-A)buddy rich.dr ..jam ,, U.S.A..’’.Live at Newport Jazz Festival.’’,, George wein.p,, Gerry mulligan.bar,, ruby braff.tr,, bud freeman.sax...-1’ july -1966..t.15’-

-99-buddy rich.dr,, big band .-U.S.A-,,.live in Lafayett(-IN-)’’Jefferson’’ hight – school,, 2’ may -1986...

-100-buddy rich.dr,,big band,, ‘’Grand – Parade – du – Jazz’’ live in (-NICE-)..NIZZA,,(france),, 13’ july -1978,, -guests- STAN GETZ.sax,, LIONEL HAMPTON.vbr t.78,,18’..-

-116-buddy rich, big band,, live in Newport,,-bobby shew.tr..-ernie watts.sax,, -jay corre.sax..-‘guestàDIZZY GILLESPIE.tr,, 1’ July -1967,, t.42’..

-117-a)-buddy rich..big band –‘’Killer Force’’, live in OMAHA –(u.s.a)-, 28’ june -1977,, at ‘Orpheum’ theatre,, t. 46,,.-1^ set..

-118-b)-buddy rich..big band –‘’Killer Force’’..live in OMAHA –u.s.a)- 28’ june -1977.. at ‘’Orpheum’’ theatre,, t.46,,..-2^ set..

-115-buddy rich,dr..big bands,, live in Stuttgatrt (-Stoccarda-),,24’November -1971...

-111-Dizzy Gillespie,,ALL – STARS.. ‘’JAZZ-AT-THE-PHILARMONIC’..live in Chicago,.Jam-Sessions..roy eldrige,,flip Phillips,,Illinois jacquet,,LESTER YOUNG.sax,,Oscar Peterson,,herb ellis.cht,, ray brown,,BUDDY RICH,,,2’October-1955,,1^pt..

-113-Oscar Peterson,,LIONEL HAMPTON.vbr,,ALL – STARS,,,’JAZZ-AT-THE-PHILARMONIC’,,live in Hartford,,-Jam-Session,,,Ella Fitzgerald,,,buddy.de.franco,,herb ellis.cht,,ray brown,,BUDDY RICH.dr,,,-17’September -1954,,2^set..

-114-HARRY JAMES.tr,,Big Bands,, live in Monterey, jazz-festv,, with.. BUDDY RICH.dr,,,ernie Andrews,,jon Hendricks,,-11’September -1965

-DVDvideo-1-buddy rich.dr big bands,Live in Paris at ‘ T.N.P.’,29’ November -

1971,,,pat.la.barbera.sax..t.41,,44’ ( TV.color .

-DVDvideo-12-buddy rich.dr.+big band, Live at ‘NEWPORT in PARIS’,19 december -1970- ..pat.la.barbera.sax ((-keep.the.customers.satisfied,, -peach.and.teach,, -west.side.story,, -‘mercy+mercy+mercy’..

...........MAYNARD FERGUSON..tr.+..big band ..-

-574.3-Vienna ((Wien))-Austria..live-at-‘Konzerthaus’.+.big band..-dusko gojkovich.tr.+.brian smith.sax.+.pete Jackson.p….-1969-bw t.42’.-very-‘rare’..Low-Quality..-

-673.1-U.S.A.’.s-show-‘MIKE DOUGLAS’program.+.(guests)SARAH VAUGHAN.vcl..+..LOU RAWLS.vcl.+.jarry lewis.. peter Erskine.dr...-1977+’78+’79 t.54’.-

-740.1-Canadà,,live in Toronto at ‘’the Forum’’ jazz-show,, Roberto Petacca..drums ..t.34’-

-775.1-U.S.A. live at ‘ JacksonVille’jazz-festv,,big band,,+ ..Jam with ‘Rock-soul-Band’.+.bob james.kys.+.maynard ferguson.tr.+..LOUIE BELLSON.dr..-1988,, t.68’..

--------------582.2-NEWPORT—JAZZ—FESTIVAL tv’Jazz-U.S.A’.+(A).benny golson+farmer ‘jazzette’+addison farmer.cb.+.DUKE PEARSON.p.+.bernard.mc.kinney.tb.+.lex Humphrey.dr..(B).dizzy Gillespie.tr-5t.+.leo wright.sax.+.junior mance.p.+.ART DAVIS.cb.+.lex Humphrey.dr..(C).oscar Peterson.p.+.ray brown.cb.+.ed thigpen.dr..(D).maynard ferguson.tr.+.big band..rufus ‘speedy’ jones.dr..(E).tyree glenn.tb ..band.+.buck clayton.tr..(F).maynard ferguson.tr.+..big band ..rufus ‘speedy’ jones.dr..-live 30’ june-1960..total-time.56’.-.

--------------158.3-MAYNARD FERGUSON ..Italy.-RAI-.4t.randy jones.dr.
talks.&.interviews,, –very-rare’70s’bw t.30
-x)MAYNARD FERGUSON,tr..Big Band,, 'same-studio-Show'-RAI.tv,, 1970 ,
peter king.sax,, ronnie ross,br,, pete jackson,p..randy jones,dr, t.16'..

Re: Buddy Rich..&..Maynard Ferguson,, 'Live-Collections'..

Hi interested in many of the br videos let me know how to go about this thanks Joe

Re-1-: Buddy Rich..&..Maynard Ferguson,, 'Live-Collections'..

'Hei, Joe'!!,, I hope you have already received my -2-two e-mails with 'Attached-Files' of my General-Videos-Catalogues ..

-x)first-Files->'Cannonball' Adderley's---to--->Elvin Jones ..
-x)second-Files->Ella Fitzgerald+Vaughan---to-->Tony Williams.

I have also sent few 'single' pages-lists of 'Audios(Tapes)CD's..

-1)Charles Mingus,, Drummers,, Saxophonists ..-
-2)Jazzpianos,,Jazzmen+Big Bands,,Pat Metheny-trio->dave holland+roy haynes)

.. Well, please dear 'Joe' tell me if you have received-them in your e-mails-Box .. Thanks, Ciao fabio .

Re: Buddy Rich..&..Maynard Ferguson,, 'Live-Collections'..

Hi interested in many of the br videos let me know how to go about this thanks Joe
Please Dear Mr. Joe, sorry, but I have changed my E-Mail.. If you want write me this the new right/correct Mail..: fabiodrummy@gmail.com
Well, when you want, please, back-again to me..
Have a nice 'winter day'. Ciao fabio .,Roma ..-


,,joe,,Dec 20, 2012 - 8:35PM ,,
Re: Buddy Rich..&..Maynard Ferguson,, 'Live-Collections'..
Hi interested in many of the br videos let me know how to go
about this thanks Joe