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paradidle joe

Hi Guys! Joe Morello,known to have "the greatest left hand" of any drummer around and Buddy Rich,"the worlds greatest drummer",were known to hang out on occasion.One particular time,as noted in Mel Torme's book,"Traps The Drum Wonder",they both stayed up late in a motel room and reportedly played paradidles on the wall until the early morning hours.I never knew or met either of them,but came close to meeting Joe when the Brubeck Quartet was in Portland Oregon in 1965.Joe had just left the Don Worth Drum Shop in downtown Portland when I arrived.One of the students there told me that Joe had the nervous habit of constantly spinning his left hand as he sat there and talked.Imagine the frustration that I had,not meeting my hero!I was told that he had "just left".I didn't meet him,but boy I came close and that was good enough for a boy of 18!