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Buddy Rich RCA LP's

I'm frustrated because RCA has reissued only one of Buddy's LP's onto CD ("Stick It") along with a few other random cuts on "Time Being." Would anyone be kind enough to sell me copies of the other RCA LP's, possibly burned onto CD? I have read that the full double LP "Very Alive At Ronnie Scott's" is excellent, and that's one release I'd really love to hear in full! Thanks for any help!

Re: Buddy Rich RCA LP's

Sorry, wish I had the RonnY Scotts issue also. I used to have the old 8-track version but it broke a long time ago. It was some great music. I have the other RCA LP's however I don't want to part w/ them and don't have a way of getting them on CD or i'd send it to you.


Re: Buddy Rich RCA LP's

Hi Steve...!
I can help!!!! I am in the process of getting the "Very Live At Ronnie Scott's" DOUBLE ALBUM on CD as we speak... well, not really as we speak, but pretty darn close. I would have no problem "burning" you a copy, contingent on how mine comes out... Now,

I couldn't agree more on the reissue subject! There is so much material out there... I would think it would behoove ( behoove... that always cracked me up! ) the record companies to put these out. We KNOW they woud sell!!! Heck, WE would buy them!!!

Re: Buddy Rich RCA LP's

Hi Steve,

I have the double album set burned to cd...along with a few other ones, including the Buddy/Loius set on.."Are You Ready for This". If you haven't received any replies...feel free to email at brianwood740@hotmail.com