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Divorce is an extremely difficult time in anybody's life. To add to this stress, the legal process and steps can be confusing for the layperson as well. With so much at stake for everyone involved, you must have a Santa Ana divorce attorney by your side who can guide you throughout the process and serve your best interests.

At the law office of Jos Family Law, we're amongst the top Santa Ana divorce attorneys in California. We have advocated for hundreds of individuals through divorce and other complex family law issues in Southern California. No matter how straightforward or complex your case might be, our experienced attorney can help you navigate the complex system.

We serve families across Orange County, including Santa Ana.

Timeline for Divorce in Orange County

● Filing Divorce

The process starts with one spouse filing for divorce and serving the other spouse with the papers. The respondent has 30 days to file a response to the petition.

● Disclosure of Financial Information

The next step is for each spouse to legally disclose all financial information. This is done by submitting a form called Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure.

● Making Decisions

The couple may agree on custody and division of assets. They can either enlist a mediator and pursue a collaborative divorce, come to an agreement by themselves, or have the family court judge decide the issues.

● Submission of Final Paperwork

The last step is to submit the relevant paperwork to the court clerk and wait for the judge to sign the orders. The agreement will contain the date on which their marriage will be officially dissolved.

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